2010-10-06 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Driving ‘Miss Betty’
by Terry Toole

Of several of the things in the world I had rather not do, I have done this week.

For you who know me best, I am not a world traveler. In fact, it is hard for my "first wife" to get me out of the county. There are still several spots, not many, in Miller County I have not seen. My first wife, on the other hand, will go most anywhere if she thought she could get back. She had surgery on both eyes recently, and I am now driving "Miss Betty." I hope she doesn't think about putting Hell in her GPS. She knows it will get her back home from anywhere.

Speaking of the GPS, for folks who don't want to go to start with, they are wonderful. You've heard that saying, "Don't leave home without it," I wouldn't go to Boykin without mine. Those things are great, even in, or especially in Atlanta. Just type in the address and listen to the GPS lady. She will get you there.

We went by to see my brother-in-law, David Webb. He is getting over his loss. He introduced me to his “girl friend” at the home. She is a very nice lady. At our age, any pleasures are a plus. He is doing much better.

My wife lost her last sibling recently. She had an appointment with her sister's lawyer, in Griffin to see about what she needs to do. Griffin just out of Atlanta.

Now there are two things I most definitely don't enjoy. I don’t like going in, through or around Atlanta or being around lawyers or judges unless it's on a fishing or hunting trip with them. Some of them are very good friends, but their profession is questionable in my mind, as they at times question mine.

I like most of the folks in Atlanta. It's the driving that I just don't believe any humans should have to go driving through Atlanta. If you have ever driven through Atlanta on I-75, you are either driving 70- 80 m.p.h. or stopped dead still in miles of traffic. You don't have to worry about driving too fast in a 55 m.p.h. zone. No law officer in his/her right mind has the nerve to stop anyone in traffic like that if he or she loves life.

We went by to check on one of my closest friends at Emory Hospital. J. O. "Spud" Bush had his carotid artery cleaned out and had a stint put in another artery.

As Spud said when we went in to see him in ICU, "They cut my throat and put a boot on the line to my heart, and it is hurting."

The hurting was a fistsize hematoma in his neck where the throat cutting was leaking due to blood thinner for the stint. Hopefully, the surgeons fixed them both.

At the time of this writing Monday afternoon, he has had three surgeries. Pat, his wife, is by his side when they allow her in ICU. I used to say Spud had nine lives, but he used those up years ago. Just hope he isn’t using up all of mine. Don’t mine sharing, but I might need another one or two. Spud loves people, and they know it.

Spud asked me just before I left him, "You reckon I'm gonna make it?"

I replied to my friend, "If our Lord has anything else for you to do, you will. If He doesn't, I'll see you in a little while."

We met two sisters at Emory Hospital who one was waiting on her husband to have a hole patched in his heart. One of them had talked to their relative in south Georgia that was eating some pound cake cooked by Spud before he left. He does things like that. He believes in “doing unto others.” Many prayers have been answered, and his recovery is being prayed for by lots of folks, especially me.

We hated to leave them up at Emory Hospital, but several of his family members were coming in as we were leaving.

The trip was good. Spud seems to be recovering, and I enjoyed being with my first wife. We got to visit our baby daughter and our youngest grandchild.

We also got to see Mason play baseball while we were up there. Naturally, he is one of the star players. The next great thing is getting home safely. Tammy stayed with Uva while we were gone. She was glad to get back to her home.

We always thank our Lord for allowing us to come home safely. Uva seemed glad to see us. I also drive “Miss Uva.”

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