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Two charged with underage drinking and possession of drugs

On September 28, 2010, Officer Daniel Stone received a bolo on a silver GMC Jimmy in reference to its occupants throwing beer cans out of the windows and weaving over the road.

Officer Stone spotted the vehicle traveling north on Main St. and observed the vehicle weaving hitting the center line twice. He then attempted to pull the vehicle over. OfficerStone turned on his blue light on Main St. and Second St. and advised 911 of the stop and advised that the vehicle was not stopping. The vehicle finally came to a stop on Main St. about 100 yards from the city limits, and then OfficerStone made contact with the driver and asked him for his license and insurance.

Officer Stone could smell an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. He then asked the driver to step out of the vehicle and found the driver, Kyle James Brad- shaw, of 694 Douthit Rd., Sylvester, was 19. Officer Stone then administered a road side alco-sensor test which came back positive for alcohol. He then placed Bradshaw under arrest for DUI and read him the implied consent.

Officer Stone took the passenger, William Michael Allanson, out of the vehicle, who was intoxicated, and informed Officer Stone that it was his vehicle. The officer then asked Allanson if there were any drugs in the vehicle, and he stated that there might be some marijuana seeds.

Lt. Glover checked the vehicle with his K-9, and the dog indicated that there were drugs in the car. The officers then began to search the vehicle. Behind both the drivers seat and passenger seat, there were cold open beer containers and a glass marijuana smoking device with a large amount of residue behind the driver's seat. Also located, was a small amount of marijuana behind the passenger seat which field tested positive for marijuana.

Both Bradshaw and Allanson were taken to the Miller County Jail. Bradshaw was given an intox 5000 test which came back .00GRMS percent, then he admitted that he had been drinking, and that one of the beers found in the back seat was his. Both Bradshaw and Allanson were then arrested and booked; paper work was completed.

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