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Crash on Flint River Bridge

by Terry Toole

Photo by Alex Langley This was even worse than it looked. The steel bar kept it from going over. Photo by Alex Langley This was even worse than it looked. The steel bar kept it from going over. Bainbridge- Seems like some wild things happen on Tuesdays in Bainbridge while I am crossing Flint River bridge, or trying to cross.

A few weeks ago, it appeared that some lady needed attention and jumped off the bridge into Flint River. Tuesday, September, 28, as I was attempting to get back to Colquitt with a new load of Miller County Liberals, all traffic was stopped, and just a few feet ahead was a red pickup truck hanging precariously over the west side of the bridge. Bill Stuart and Alex Langley were riding by, and Alex got a fine shot of the accident.

In another account by the Bainbridge Post Searchlight this report was given:

“Please God, no, no,” was all Michele Wells could say as her truck went sliding down the bypass bridge in Bainbridge and headed off the side of the bridge and the 100 foot drop to the ground.

Tadpole Wells, his wife Michele, and 12-year-old son, Gary, will surely never forget the fear as their truck burst through the bridge railing. Credit her simple prayer, or just credit luck, either way the truck stopped on the edge.

The family, coming from having lunch at Elcan King School, was heading west on the Highway 84 bypass in the outside lane.

Coming up the entrance ramp from Shotwell Street was Robert Grazier, 41, of Tallahassee FL, driving a Suburban pulling a trailer with a 4-wheeler.

Michele Wells told us that Grazier said he was not able to stop. The Suburban avoided hitting a semi just ahead of the Wells’ truck but could not avoid the crash. The Wells’ vehicle went sliding down the highway, coming to rest on the edge of the bridge.

Another vehicle was driving in the inside lane, beside the Wells’ truck, boxing them in. The semi and the car in the inside lane did not stop after the crash.

Other than the mental anguish, it appeared they only suffered a few bumps and bruises.

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