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September 22 800C Unlocked vehicle • Accident, Petro • Bus detail • Escort • Fight 800L Prowler 2x • Domestic

800C Accident, Petro • Bank alarm, Crawford St. • Speak with officer, Barnard’s• Speak with officer, Villa Apt. • Speak with officer, Police Department • Bus detail

Incident Report

Theft of Automobile On September 21, 2010, Officer Richard Morgan responded to the theft of an automobile. Three vehicles were recovered at Tri State Towing & Salvage in Colquitt. The vehicles were stolen from Clay County, Ga. on September 20, 2010, and Clay County Deputy Wallace was notified. Wallace advised that he would be in contact with the victims as well as the owner of the salvage yard, Marcus Newberry, where the vehicles were located.


Without License On September 20, 2010, Officer Scott Cleveland noticed a white 1995 Chevy Blazer with no brake lights. Officer Scott initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and spoke with the driver, a Mr. Fermin Tecalo. When Officer Scott asked Mr. Tecalo for his license, he advised that he did not have any. Officer Scott gathered Mr. Tecalo’s name and date of birth and had dispatch run it for validation of license and was advised that Mr. Tecalo was not found. At this time Mr. Tecalo was placed under arrest for driving without license and no brake lights. Upon arrival at the jail, Mr. Tecalo received citations for the above charges.

Vehicle Accident On September 20, 2010, Pickle Martiele (vehicle 1) of 74 Harmony Church Rd., Colquitt, was traveling in reverse down the dirt pathway of 2nd St. and Main St. when Martiele turned north to turn around when she came in contact with Angela Chandler (vehicle 2) of 310 College St., Colquitt. Contact was made when Martiele’s rear passenger side bumper came in contact with the driver side quarter panel of Chandler. Chandler’s vehicle was unoccupied at the time of the accident. No visible or report of injuries was made while on the scene.

Vehicle Accident On September 22, 2010, Faustine Leigh Bailey (vehicle 1) of 723 B N. Slappey, Albany, Ga., was traveling backing up and did not see Crystal Merrill (vehicle 2) at the Shell Station Parking Lot. Bailey struck Merrill on the passenger side front corner panel with no reports of injury while on scene. No citations issued.

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