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Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Jimmy Who?
by Terry Toole

My friend from Plains just might ought to stick to teaching his Sunday School class instead of giving his opinions on national and world politics.

I'll admit that Jimmy Carter is/was/is a friend of mine from the past. I knew him before he got into politics. He was my district governor in the Lions Club when I was zone chairman. He was a gentleman peanut farmer. I think they call them agri-businessman.

We were friends, but never did agree on politics. He had some wild ideas for a small town boy from Plains, Georgia.

If anyone could tell me, "I told you so," my friend Jimmy could.

After he had been in politics for awhile as a state senator, and Georgia's 76th governor, he decided to go again.

One of mine, and his favorite stories was I was running the Western Auto back in 1974 and was dabbling in politics myself. Jimmy called me and asked for my opinion on what he was going to try.

"I'm going to run for president," Jimmy said. "What kind of chance do you think I've got?"

I asked, "President of what?"

"President of the United States of America," he replied.

"I'm not running, and I think I have about as good chance as you do," I said.

"That's what Mama said," Jimmy replied.

I always thought a lot of his mother, Miss Lillian, and his brother, Billy. He did right well with his Billy Beer.

Former President Jimmy and a crew from Plains were in Colquitt a few years ago attending a Swamp Gravy production. I was getting his crew off the buses in the rain, and when I went inside, he said, “You still remind me of Mama.”

I guess he showed us all, since he became the 39th president of the United States after being elected November 2, 1976.

Yes, I voted for him. He was a Georgian, and with all his liberal leaning, that is better than most other parts of the country. My daughter, Tammy, was in Plains the night that he won, and she went to his inauguration.

As much as I disagree then and now with him on some of his decisions and remarks, he is one of the smartest, moral men I know in some ways. Some of his remarks, and what he wanted to do diminished my opinion at times of his smarts.

The National Democratic Party did not take to the peanut farmer from Georgia with his blue jeans and country music. His Democratic Congress didn't do much for him either.

Carter won the Democratic nomination against Teddy Kennedy four years later. He never did like the Kennedy bunch after that.

The nation chose Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter by 46 of the 50 states in 1980, with a landslide victory for the Republicans of 489 electoral votes to 49 for Carter and the Democrats.

Something good comes out of everything.

The tone of that election reminds me of some of the same choices the citizens of the U.S.A. had then, and the one coming in 2012.

The president and the congress were about as liberal and big spenders as they are today, except about a trillion times more liberal and bigger spenders in this current Democratic administration.

In my time, my friend, Jimmy had the title as being the most ineffective president of the 20th Century along with his Democratic Congress. As I said, something good comes from all bad. We got President Reagan and a Republican Congress that cut the size of national government down.

The pendulum swings every so often, and we have some of the biggest spenders of our taxes and our grandchildren's taxes in office now. If that doesn't change in this next election and the elections in 2012, we need to learn to speak Muslim, Chinese or Spanish. There will not be a United States of America the way we are now heading.

The unsolicited advice that I have for my friend Jimmy Who, would be to run the Carter Center and let Obama continue to become the worst president we ever had. Also, I’d forget about Teddy Kennedy, unless he plans to see him later.

Jimmy did have a great smile, and is still trying to be a peacemaker, of sorts!

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