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Bainbridge -An alert Shaw security guard stopped a vehicle theft and in the process took several young children out of harm’s way.

On Friday, Anjoli Miller was at Shaw’s gate on Highway 27 north. A contractor with Shaw drove through the gate as he does most every week. Anjoli reported that when he drove through, a black Mitsubishi Eclipse with a 28-year-old woman and two small children followed him through the gate.

A few minutes later, the woman, later identified as Joy Drinkard, pulled up to the gate to leave in the contractor’s silver Ford F-150 with her children.

Anjoli Miller asked the woman how she knew the contractor, and she replied that he was a friend of hers. Things just did not look right, and Anjoli would not open the gate and allow her to leave.

Sheriff’s Captain Brad Lambert responded to the incident. Joy Drinkard told the captain that she had been told by some unknown person to bring the Mitsubishi Eclipse to Shaw and abandon the vehicle there.

Joy Drinkard stated she was told to take the Ford F-150 and bring it back to Dothan, Alabama. She finally gave up a Dothan phone number to check the story.

The phone number turned out to be her mother’s number. Her mother reported that Joy Drinkard had also stolen the Mitsubishi Eclipse from Dothan, from her father’s place of business.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse was found sitting in the middle of an aisle, with the car still running and the doors wide open.

Joy Chantell Drinkard, 28, of 205 East Newton Street in Bainbridge was charged with theft by taking - motor vehicle.

Blountstown - A Blountstown native lost his life in a single vehicle crash in Liberty County over the weekend.

Daniel Reed, 29, of Bristol, died from injuries sustained in the accident that occurred around 3 a.m. Sunday. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Reed was southbound on Hwy. 65 approaching Duggar Road when he over corrected, ran off the road and his vehicle overturned. He was taken to Calhoun-Liberty Hospital where he passed away.

A 1999 graduate of Blountstown High School, Daniel was an active member of Miracle Restoration Center Church of God in Christ and was a popular guy at Ramsey Piggly Wiggly where he worked as assistant store manager.

Cairo - Grady County School system employees can count on a financial boost in their November paychecks.

On Tuesday night, the Grady County Board of Education unanimously approved paying a one-time supplement equal to two days’ salary in the November 30 check, with the exception of bus drivers, who wil be paid $50, and school food service workers, whose supplement will be equal to one day’s salary.

The one-time supplement will only be paid to school system employees who received salary cuts last year or this year.

Over a two year period school system personnel have been cut a total of $1.9 million due to furloughs and state funding reductions.

Grady County School Superintendent Dr. Tommy Pharis recommended the board use $250,000 of the $858,000 the school system was awarded in federal jobs funding to pay the one-time supplement to school system employees. Dr. Pharis pointed out that the funds can only be used to save teachers’ jobs, help avoid additional salary cuts, or to replace teacher salary cuts.

Dawson - Dawson Police are continuing their investigation on a bomb threat that occurred at a local business on Saturday, September 11, Dawson Public Safety Director Charlie Whitehead reported this week.

According to Chief Whitehead, his department was notified of a bomb threat at the Dollar General Store around 1:35 p.m. on Saturday.

Upon arriving on the scene, officers were informed that a note had been found in the store warning of an explosive device.

“The store and parking lot were cleared, and a perimeter was established. Officers searched the store but could not locate any explosives. The store was cleared to return to business,” Chief Whitehead said.

“We are taking this incident very seriously. We will continue to investigate and pursue whoever planted this note,” stated Whitehead.

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