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Farm Safety Walk About

With this large piece of equipment, it won’t take too long. With this large piece of equipment, it won’t take too long. The following checklist is a guide. For a more comprehensive checklist, obtain the Farm Safety Audit from IAREH at the University of Saskatchewan.


• Roll-over protective structure used and seat belts installed

• All shields and guards (e.g., PTO) installed

• Proper hitching attachments (i.e., draw bar and safety chain) are used

• Hearing protection available (tractor cab or ear protection) Vehicles, Tools, Machinery, etc.

• Tools, machinery, equipment maintained

• Vehicles maintained

• Lockout mechanism available

• All shields and guards installed

• Hearing protection available

• Hydraulic hoses in good repair

• All warning decals and engine shut-off instructions visible

Peanut picking time in south Georgia Peanut picking time in south Georgia • Lights and wipers working

• Slow Moving Vehicle sign attached

• Brakes in good working order

• Battery in good condition

• Operator’s platform clear of debris

• Visibility clear

• Fire extinguisher on machine

Fire Protection

• Isolate all sources of ignition

• Extinguishers (full) in hazardous areas

• No smoking signs in hazardous areas

• Exits clearly marked in hazardous areas

• Proper electrical installation

• Flammable materials stored safely

• Fire emergency numbers listed near telephone

• Emergency fire plan posted Orientation and Training

• Workers trained in safety work procedures

• Workers receive adequate supervision

• Workers trained in proper lifting, moving and repositioning Chemical Hazard & Biohazard Protection

• Chemicals stored safely and labeled properly

• Biohazards identified and dealt with safely

• Warning signs posted

• Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available, such as eye wear and protective clothing, in good condition

• Emergency numbers posted Other Emergency Preparation

• Emergency plan posted

• Emergency numbers posted

• First aid supplies for all work places

Farm Buildings

• Fire exits clear

• Aisles, stairs, ladders and floors uncluttered and in good repair

• Light and ventilation adequate

• Buildings free of hazardous materials

• Hazardous ladders/ openings/protrusions guarded

• Toilet/waste disposal facilities adequate

• Electrical fixtures suitable Farm Yard

• Assigned play area for children away from work areas

• Protection from enclosed spaces such as cisterns, wells, manure pits, feed silos

• Protection from dugouts

• Grain bins located away from electrical hazards

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