2010-08-18 / Public Safety



August 7 800S Traffic stop, Daneer St. • Traffic stop, N. North Martin Luther King Jr. St., Subject in Custody

August 9 800E Unlock car, 108 S. 4th St. • Stopping vehicle at Martin Luther King, Jr. St. • Walk-in stolen enclosed trailer 800S Dispute, E. Bush St.

August 10 800E Patrolled • Semi-fire 800S Fire (Negative), Hwy. 27 North-Semi-truck • Asst. 799-J, Jeterville Road

August 11 800C Broken window, Martin Luther King Jr. St. • Escort

August 12 800C Domestic Problem, Barnard’s • Unlock vehicle • check place • speak with officer


Suspended License

On August 8, 2010, Officer Scott Cleveland was on patrol when he noticed a 2002 Ford Taurus traveling east on Dancer St. with a broken tail light. At this time, the officer initiated a traffic stop. Upon speaking with the driver, Contavious Wimberly, he advised he did not have a license and gave the officer a name and date of birth, but the last name he was given was a different name. After dispatch ran the information, Mr. Wimberly was placed under arrest. After he was placed in the patrol car, he gave the officer the correct name. He was placed under arrest and taken to the jail where he was booked with suspended license, faulty equipment and furnishing false information.

No Insurance

On August 8, 2010, Officer Lonnie Wade was parked on East Pine Street when at the time, he observed a vehicle stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of North Martin Luther King Jr. St. and Pine St. The vehicle was playing loud music. Officer Wade initiated a traffic stop. He advised the drivre of the stop, Marty Edward Gray. After running the tag number and license number, the operator advised the vehicle had no insurance. Gray was placed in the back seat of the patrol car and taken to the jai where he was booked and released on the above charge.

Larceny Cargo Trailer On August 9, 2010, OfficerChristopher Medina was dispatched to the police department to speak with a subject about a theft. The officer spoke with the complainant, Ernest Grow, who advised someone had taken a 1999 Pace trailer from behind the Moby Dick Restaurant. The trailer is full of restaurant equipment.

Simple Assault/Simple Battery

On August 12, 2010, Officer Charles Griffin was dispatched to Barnard’s in reference to an assault. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the victim, Lynn Watts. According to Watts, she and her friend, Loretta Bradley, were walking to Barnard’s when they were approached by Tommie Bullard. Bullard asked Watts why she broke out the windows of his house. Watts told Bullard she did not break the windows out. According to Wattts, Bullard then struck her in the head, and she struck him with her purse. Captain Stone arrived at the scene and spoke with Bullard via cell phone. Bullard refused to come to the incident site to give his side of the story. Stone and Officer Griffin then went to Bullard’s home, but Bullard refused to come to the door or was not at home. Watts was informed of how to obtain a copy of the report and told the proper channels if she wished to pursue criminal charges against Bullard.


On August 14, 2010, Officer Chris Medina was dispatched to Pic N Save in reference to a fight. When he arrived on scene, he spoke with the complainant, Leah Bailey, who advised that Haley Sheffield came up to her while she was in the store and started pulling her hair. When the officer made contact with Haley, she advised that she did go up to Leah and tap her on the shoulder. Haley stated that at that time Leah turned around and grabbed her by the hair. Haley advised that she then tried to keep Leah away from her because she is four months pregnant. No charges were filed at the time of the incident.

Damage to Property

On August 15, 2010, Officer Chris Medina was dispatched to N. Martin Luther King Jr. Street in reference to damage to property. When the officer arrived on the scene, he spoke with the complainant, Emma Richardson, who advised that when she went out to her vehicle, she noticed that someone had scratched a groove into the passenger side of her 2002 Ford Explorer. There were scratches on the front door and rear passenger side door and scratches on the rear quarter panel.

Public Drunk

On August 13, 2010, Officer Lonnie Wade was on patrol on MLK St. when he observed a black male walking to the driver’s side of a vehicle and began using profanity at the driver and the passengers in the vehicle. The dispatcher was radioed of a possible fight. When the officer arrived, the black male began to walk away as the driver and passengers got out of the vehicle. The officer asked the driver and passengers if there was a problem. They told the officer the subject that was walking away tried to sell them drugs. The officer then began to pursue the suspect on foot. As the subject was walking (staggering), the officer identified the subject as Derrick L. Baker. He was transported to the Miller County Jail where he was booked and held.

Damage to Property

On August 14, 2010, Officer Scott Cleveland was dispatched to MLK Jr. St. in reference to damage to property. Upon arrival the officer spoke to a Mr. Henderson who stated that someone had broken his window out of his apartment. A small hole was made in the window. After the incident happened, Mr. Henderson went and stated that four young males ran down the road as soon as it occurred. After patrolling the area, no sign of the subjects was made.


On August 13, 2010, Officer Charles Griffin was dispatched to Fudge Lane in reference to a disturbance involving a gun. Upon arrival, he spoke with the victim, Otis Thortnon. Thornton told the officer he was walking down Taylor Street when a group of subjects, who he identified as Stanley Carr Jr., Brian Fountain, Cedric Fountain, and another subject he could not identify, began yelling at him. The subjects then threw a bottle at him. As he started to approach the subjects, Stanley Carr produced a gun and began pumping it up and fired a shot at Thornton. Thornton advised that he then fled, and another shot was fired at him. Deputy Dale Mitchell arrived on the scene and initiated a traffic stop with a vehicle he observed Stanley Carr getting into. Carr advised that he did not know anything about any guns and did not know what Thornton was talking about. The other subjects could not be located in the area.

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