2010-08-11 / Public Safety




August 4 799F Assist 799N with death/Holly St. •Funeral detail •Airplane/cropduster Emergency Landing Near Enterprise Rd. •10-50 Grady Cobb Road •Security Checks 799R Funeral Escort, Crawford St. •Wreck, Grady Cobb Rd. •Suspicious Vehicle, Grady Cobb Rd. •Assist EMS, Phillipsburg Rd.

August 5 799R Put out funeral signs, Griffin Sheffield Rd. •Damage to Property, Helms Road 799F Assist 800D, Alarm at Red’s, Main St. •Civil Paper Served •Security Checks •Assist Motorist, Avenue Rd.

August 6 799O Intoxicated driver (unfound) Johnny Freeman Rd. •Unlock vehicle, Hwy. 91 N. •Domestic, Whites Bridge Rd. •Trespassing, Haywood Rd. •Traffic Stop, Hwy. 27 N. •Assist City, Cuthbert St.

799G Unlock Vehicle, Smokey Alley Rd. •Unlock Vehicle, Hwy. 91 S. •Intoxicated Driver (unfound) Johnny Freeman Rd. •Alarm, W. Sheffield Rd. •Unlock Vehicle, Hwy. 91 N., Speak With Deputy, Sheriff’s Office


Damage to Property

On August 5, 2010, Deputy Brad Cox was dispatched to Helms Road in reference to damage to property. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the victim, Harvest Williams. Williams stated that his privacy fence had been damaged by being shot with an air rifle. Williams stated his neighbor’s son had an air rifle. The officer then made contact with Kevin Williams who stated his son did have an air rifle. The juvenile was brought and asked about the incident. Kevin agreed to pay for the damage.

Damage to Property

On August 7, 2010, Officer Charles Griffin was dispatched to North First Street in reference to someone throwing rocks through a window. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the occupant, Tommie Lee Bullard, who explained that he was asleep and was awakened by a loud crashing sound. The rocks appeared to have been thrown from Taylor Street, which runs beside Bullard’s residence. Investigator Kenny Kirkland was called and responded to the scene. A total of three windows were broken in the incident. The incident is still under investigation.


On August 7, 2010, Officer Scott Lawson was called to Phillips St. to the home of Jimmy James Allen in reference to a burglary. Allen stated that someone came in his house and took his television sets. Mr. Allen stated the items were last seen on the morning of August 7. The investigation was turned over to Investigator Kirkland.

Theft by Receiving

Stolen Property

On August 7, 2010, Ashley N. Ogletree stated that she let her boyfriend, Jonathan DeLoach, borrow her mom’s vehicle to go to the store. She stated that he has not returned with the vehicle, and she has tried on several occasions to make contact with him. The vehicle has been en-

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