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Driver was lucky, sort of

by Terry Toole

Large trees always win. Large trees always win. A one vehicle accident with no injuries was reported at 3:38 p.m. Wednesday, August 4, on the Grady Cobb Road. A Miller County deputy sheriff was dispatched to the scene.

The accident occurred when Kevin Leon Hudley of Blakely was driving a 1997 Mercury Tracer LS south on Grady Cobb Road. It was raining when he lost control of the vehicle due to hydroplaning. The auto veered off the highway into a ditch and up into a large pine tree.

The tree was in the front yard of the home of Mrs. Delores Broxton, 1303 Grady Cobb Road.

The driver complained of two small cuts to his forearm and one cut to his knee, but declined for EMS to come and check him.

According to the accident report, there was one vehicle, one occupant, the driver. It was raining, and the highway was wet. The auto skid distance before impact was 61 feet. The auto struck a pine tree. Both air bags were deployed. The driver stated that he was wearing a shoulder/lap belt.

He stated that this was the first time the owner, Jamey Collier, of 418 Palmetto Ave., Blakely, had let him “hold” the auto.

“He sounded pretty upset when I called him, and told him what had happened,” Hudley stated.

Miller County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Grier was the investigating officer. The contributing factors for the accident were weather conditions and too fast for conditions. The speed on this section of the roadway was 45 m.p.h. due to a sharp curve.

This was not the first accident at this tree or on this curve.

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