2010-08-04 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Somebody is lying!
by Terry Toole

People are so good to clue me when there might be a story for us. This past week was no exception.

My first wife is a connoisseur of food. She loves shrimp. I love everything to eat. Well, I don't think I like sushi. She gives Emerald Lake Resort the #2 for cooking shrimp. That girl has eaten a sea of shrimp in the past 54 years, and to rate them close to the top is something else. The only one that might be right up there close is over at Graceville, FL. She loves the beach, but the trip would not be complete not to go by Graceville for some of Grady’s or the Circle Grill shrimp. We've been doing that for over 50 years.

"Don's shrimp are just as good, and a lot closer," first wife says.

Friday was a week ago, around lunch, Don Mathis called to tell me I might want to come to his Emerald Lake RV Resort. There might be a story. He didn't tell me what, but said it might be big.

By any Friday, we are usually getting panicky about filling up our newspaper for the next week. Being a county of 6200 population, we don't have too many big stories breaking.

When I got out to the restaurant, there was a big dish truck out front. When I got inside, there were more TV cameras than you can find at a Georgia- Auburn game.

When I walked in, I knew a few of those inside. When I saw Mr. Roger Spooner and his wife, Eloise, I thought that WALB and CNN had beat me to a story we had been talking about for weeks.

Mr. Roger is not only an eating friend that is there every Thursday night, but a good human interest story. You don't find too many 88-year-old men working five or more days a week driving a semi-truck from 100 to 300 miles each day one way.

I figured that was the story, and the big boys had beat me to it. I'm used to getting what's left, so I went to greet the Spooners.

About that time, I saw this black lady with them that I had seen before. Then it clicked that the she was Shirley Sherrod, that Bill O'Reilly, a FOX political commentator, was apologizing to the day before.

Then I started putting the story/stories together. Mr. Spooner was the farmer some 24 years ago that Shirley Sherrod had helped, by his own words, to save his farm.

The Spooners are about as good people as you want to meet. He must have been like me; he either worked hard instead of smart, or just likes his work.

I had a great time talking to the Spooners and Ms. Sherrod. We found that we had a lot in common. We men both love what we are doing. Our wives are both good helpmates, and we hope to keep them until death do us part.

Ms. Sherrod said she lives in Albany, but was reared in Baker County. When I find that a lady is born in Baker County, I can always get them puffing by saying the meanest women on earth come from Baker County.

Ms. Sherrod said, "Why do you say that?"

I replied that I married one, and she has to be tough to live with me.

Democrats from the president down jumped and acted before they checked. Sound familiar that a trillion dollar cost health bill had to be voted in before it was read? That a lawsuit against a state was filed before their legislation was read? That people are fired before they can tell their side or before the White House checks the "news" story?

There have been lots of apologies and new job offers and lots of adverse publicity that will make the polls continue to bottom out for the Obamas. Congress has got about as low as it can go.

Obama said he didn't do it, but the orders came from the White House. His appointee to the Agriculture Department had her to resign. Now she is suing someone for not putting the whole story on a website. Seems like something might not be kosher, but they are racists, too. Speaking to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is in no way anymore racists than speaking to a Ku Klux Klan group.

Just remember, Obama said, “Not one dime.” That may just be the only truth the boy has told. Not one dime, but trillions. Some office holders have supported his every wish. Remember them! November 2 is coming. You will be paying for this mess for decades, if you pay taxes.

By the time Obama finishes this term, we will want a Bush statue in the White House yard, if there is still a White House.

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