2010-07-21 / Public Safety



July 12 800D Traffic Stop 4x •Citation 2x •Security Check 4x

800S Damage to Property, Crawford St. •Prowler, Crawford St. •Alarm, Main St. •Speak with Subject, E. Dancer St. •Wanted/ Stolen Check •Prisoner/Subject in Custody •Assist 800D, N. Cuthbert St. •Assist 800D with Traffic Stop, Geer St. •Assist 800D with Traffic Stop, N. MLK, JR. St.

July 13 800D Traffic Stop 3x •Security Check 4x •Citations 2x

800S Domestic, N. First St. •Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Traffic Stop, Square •Disturbance •Assist 800D with Intoxicated Pedestrian, N. MLK, Jr. St.

July 14 800C Unlock Vehicle •Speak with Officer 2x

July 16 800E Court •Unlock Vehicle •Damage to Property, Walk-in

800S Assist 800E, E. Dancer St. •Traffic Stop, S. MLK, Jr. St. •Assist 800D with Traffic Stop, S. Third St. •Prisoner/Subject in Custody

July 17 800E Stolen Bicycle •Stopping Suspicious Person/Vehicle

800S Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Assist 799E with Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Domestic, Wallace Dr. •Assist EMT’s, N. MLK, Jr. St. •Fight •Fight, N. MLK, Jr. St. •Prisoner/ Subject in Custody •Escort, Police Department to City Limits (Phillipsburg)

July 18 800E Alligator in Road, Hwy. 91 S. •BOLO Black Pontiac 5, Brinson Rd. •BOLO Green Suburban, Hwy. 91 N.


Obstructing Police

On July 13, Derrick Lamount Baker received citations for Obstruction and Public Drunk.

Marijuana Possession

On July 16, Ivey Louis Norris received citation for Possession of Marijuana.


On July 17, Willie Roberts received a citation for affray.

On July 18, Alexia Rambeau received a citation for affray.

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