2010-06-23 / Public Safety




June 12 800D Traffic Stop 3x •Citation •Security Check 3x •Standby for Opening

June 13 800D Traffic Stop 5x •Citation 3x •Security Check 4x •Assist Motorist •Escort

June 14 800D Disturbance •Traffic Stop 4x •Citation 2x •EMS Assistance •Unlock Vehicle •Arrest

800E Damage to Property •Damage to Property, E. Moore St. •Someone Throwing Rocks, Perry St. •Stopping Suspicious Person/Vehicle 800S Traffic Stop 2x, Crawford St.

June 15 800E Suspicious Vehicle, Main St. •Assist 800D with Correct Time •Stopping Suspicious Person/ Vehicle 2x •Structure Fire

800S Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Traffic Stop, W. Pine St. •Vehicle Accident, Delores St.

June 18

800E Co Fighting, E. Geer St. •Welfare Check

800S Traffic Stop, N. MLK, Jr. St. •Assist 800D with Traffic Stop, Phillipsburg Rd. •Bank Alarm •Escort

June 19 800E Domestic, Hwy. 45 N. •Man Complaining of Chest Pains, Ball Park •Answer Civil Matter for Sheriff’s Office, Via Phone

800S Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Traffic Stop, S. Third St. •Disturbance, Bremond St. •Speak with Subject, Bush St. •Assist 800D with Traffic Stop, S. Third St. •Traffic Stop, N. MLK, Jr. St. •Bank Alarm 4x •Speak with Subject •Walk Through •Closed Fun House Party, N. MLK, Jr. St. •Wanted/Stolen Indicated •Prisoner/Subject in Custody •Assist 800D, N. MLK, Jr. St. •Prisoner/Subject in Custody for 800D

June 20 800E Bank Alarm 2x •Assist 800S with Motorist

800S Bank Alarm 3x •Suspicious Vehicle, Old Albany Rd. •Assist Motorist, Crawford St. •Escort


Vehicle Accident

On June 15, Rosemary Lawson Cobb was attempting to make a right turn after coming to a complete stop at the intersections of Delores and Miller Street. Cobb became distracted while making a turn and struck a mailbox, causing damage to the vehicle. Cobb’s hood sustained moderate damage, along with slight damage to the front driver’s side tire bumper. No citation and no injuries were reported at the time of the accident.


On June 20, Tony Wyatt was booked in on the charges of DUI and Brake Lights Required.

Marijuana Possession

On June 20th, Lamaris Bush was booked in on the charges of Possession of Marijuana and Obstruction.

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