2010-06-16 / Religion

Bible Boot Camp

by MCL staff writer

Do you want to better learn how to study the Bible?

During the month of July on Tuesday mornings 10:00-11:30 a.m., there will be a Bible Boot Camp at the Jenkins’ barn. It will be taught by Gloria Jenkins, and she will use an eclectic approach.

The Bible Boot Camp is for students ages 7-up. This is not a babysitting time, but if you want your child/teen to learn how to seriously study the word of God and have fun and know God better, please call 758-2879.

Gloria stated, "I do not have a caller ID or an answering machine but will be home in and out so keep trying."

Only 12 students will be taken, so call soon. Transportation to and from the barn will be the responsibility of the guardians.

Students will learn about using Bible tools: concordances, word study books, and how to do word studies, how to study a passage of the Bible, color coding and key words. They will be watching a few DVDs of the Bible lands. Questions about troubling topics relevant to children and youth such as dinosaurs, where was God before He made the world and where did it all begin are encouraged and they will learn to pray.

This is a free opportunity, but God’s Word promises great dividends from the investment.

Gloria stated, "I hope to see you there. It would be a great time to take the class with your child."

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