2010-06-16 / Public Safety



June 7 800G Suspicious Person/Vehicle •Stand-by, E. Pine St.

June 8 800G Suspicious Vehicle •Assist Motorist, Thompsontown Rd. •Entering Auto

June 9 800D Traffic Stop 2x •Vehicle Accident, Main St. •Assist EMS •Unlock Vehicle

800S Assist 800D with Gas Drive Off •Traffic Stop, N. 1st St. •Traffic Stop, Grow St.

June 10 800D Traffic Stop 3x •Citation •Assist Motorist •Burglary

800S Assist 800D with Traffic Stop, N. MLK, Jr. St.

June 11 800C Traffic Stop 2x •Dog Problem •Assist Motorist, 4th St. •Dog Problem, Bethel St.

June 12 800C Fight, Crawford St. •Traffic Stop 2x •Intoxicated Pedestrian, MLK, Jr. St.


Vehicle Accident

On June 13, Harry Alan Boyd was traveling south on an interior road within the city cemetery, when according to Boyd, the accelerator of the vehicle became stuck. The vehicle continued south over a large embankment and came to rest in the woods.

An accident occurred on June 9, when Jason Danile Chaney was backing from a parking lot and Cody Houston was entering the parking lot from Main Street. Contact was made when Chaney’s rear driver’s side bumper came in contact with Houston’s front driver’s side bumper. No visible or report of injuries was made while on scene.

On June 9, Temekia Miller was attempting to back out of a parking space. Rebecca Ellen Saunders’ vehicle was unattended while parked. Miller misjudged the clearance and struck Saunders’ vehicle. Miller’s rear driver side bumper struck Saunders’ front driver side bumper, causing minor damage to both vehicles. No citations and no injuries were reported at the time of the accident.

Driving Under Influence

On June 12, Matthew Calvin Holmes was charged with DUI and Child Endangerment.

Disorderly Conduct

On June 13, Clinton Grant received citations for Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunk.

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