2010-05-12 / Religion

Prayer For Such A Time As This ––––––––––––––

Editor’s note: This is a new service of this newspaper. In the past few months, my family came to realize what the power of prayer can do for a person, a community, a marriage, a church, a nation or you name it. People, prayer groups and churches from all around this nation prayed for people in my family because I used this newspaper to request prayer. Take it from me, it works! This has never been tried in a weekly newspaper that I know of. Maybe it will catch on. Family members or friends, list people, events, anything that might need prayer. It will publish only once, unless you call or write it in each week. Keep it short, and pray!
•Bo Everson
•Uva Mason
•Michele Bevis Fiala
•Tammy Richardson
•Family of Patsy Richardson

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