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William T. Clearman Space Camp Scholarship Winners for 2010

(L-R) Harriet Lane, Tiffany Smith, Andrew Whitaker, Cody Preston and Tom Clearman (L-R) Harriet Lane, Tiffany Smith, Andrew Whitaker, Cody Preston and Tom Clearman A special program honoring William T. Clearman was held at Miller County Middle School on Friday, April 30. This was an exciting time for teachers, seventh and eighth grade students, school administrators, and parents.

Harriet Lane welcomed everyone in attendance. The William T. Clearman family was represented by Tom Clearman, William’s son, Tom's wife, Marie and Luther Clearman, William’s first cousin. Our school is honored to have been chosen over the past four years to receive nine student scholarships and one teacher scholarship to attend Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama. These scholarships are sponsored by the Clearman family in honor of their father.

Tom Clearman was introduced to the large crowd of students, family and friends. He shared information about his father who grew up on a farm in Lucille, Georgia, attended Early County High School and played on the Bobcats' football team. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in engineering and served in the US Navy and Naval Reserve for 26 years. In an extremely competitive process, William was chosen by NASA to direct the Saturn V Rocket program, and at that time his family moved to Cocoa Beach, Florida. William Clearman retired from NASA a few years later and moved to North Carolina to be near his children and grandchildren. He died in his sleep April 30, 2004.

Former MCHS Space Camp grads Former MCHS Space Camp grads Tom spoke about his family and shared many exciting stories with the students. Many artifacts of the Saturn V mission and the Apollo Program which included an American flag that had circled the moon were on display. He reminded them that the boy who grew up in pastures, fields and coun- try schoolhouses in South Georgia did his share in this amazing effort as an engineer, planner, manager, communicator, and evangelist for the space program.

Most of the students who attended Space Camp and Aviation Challenge during the summers of 2008 (Josh Kimbrel, Kayln Phillips, Shauntoria Sanders) and 2009 (Dylan Brock, Jessica Figueroa, Anika Grant) were instrumental in presenting photos of their experiences while at Space Camp. Participants were allowed to experience a simulated space flight, in which they assumed various roles of real astronauts.

Prior to the "launch," they must practice in the 1/6th Gravity Chair, the 5-Degrees of Freedom Chair, and the Multi Axis Trainer.

Mr. Tom Clearman concluded the program with the announcement of the William T. Clearman Scholarship winners for 2010. This year’s winners are Cody Preston, son of Steven and Cindy Preston; Tiffany Smith, daughter of Vicky Smith and Hollis Smith; and Andrew Whitaker, son of Angel and Jeannie Asules. These students will be in Huntsville July 11 – July 16.

A special thanks goes to Helga Merritt, Jimmy Phillips, Ricky Roberts, Diane Copeland, Frank Killingsworth, Sherry Widner and Harriet Lane for making the program a success.

If you would like more information about Space Camp or the William T. Clearman Memorial Scholarship, visit the official website: www. spacecamp. com.

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