2010-05-05 / Public Safety



April 23 800D Traffic Stop 4x •Disturbance 2x •Assist EMS •Security Check 5x

April 24 800D Disturbance 2x •Security Check 5x •Alarm •Weather 2x •Traffic Stop 3x

April 25 800D Traffic Stop 3x •Citation •Disturbance •Damage to Property •Security Check 4x

April 26 800C Traffic Stop

April 27 800C City Council Meeting 800G Theft of Mislaid Item •Stopping Suspicious Person/ Vehicle

April 28 800D Traffic Stop 3x •EMS 2x •Security Check 4x

800S Traffic Stop, Washington St. •Assist EMT’s, Belleview Rd. •Vehicle Accident, Crawford St.

April 29 800S Traffic Stop, N. 4th St. •Assist 800E, N. 4th St. •Speak with Subject, Police Department

April 30 800S Traffic Stop, Main St. •Assist 800G with Domestic, Phillips St. •Alarm, Square

May 1 800G Fight •Domestic, Hwy. 45 N. •Disturbance, Babcock St.

May 2 800G Stopping Suspicious Person/ Vehicle, MLK, Jr. St. and Taylor St.


Vehicle Accident

On April 28, Teresa Ann Lovell was attempting to make a left turn after coming to a complete stop at the stop sign at the intersection of Crawford Street and Fourth Street. Lovell lost control of the motorcycle due to a spill on the street and wrecked. The motorcycle substained minor damages to the gas tank and primary cover, dirby cover, and footpeg bracket. No Citations and no injuries were reported at the time of the accident.

Lost or Mislaid Property

On April 19, Betty Grant stated that her phone was lying on the couch and believed that it was picked up by someone in the home, but did not see any one take the phone. Grant’s information was gathered.

Damage to Property

On April 24, Shuquinta Lakie Butler stated that while at a gospel sing at the old high school, her car had been keyed. Pictures were taken, and information was taken.

Suspended License

On April 26, Brandon Donalson was placed under arrest for Driving While License Suspended or Revoked and taken to the Sheriff’s Office where paperwork was completed.

Damage to Property

On April 29, Waver M. Perry stated that her window panes to the front door and northside window was shattered and wanted to file a report. The statements were taken ,and the case is still ongoing.

On April 30, Iris Henderson advised that someone flattened her tires. Then she advised that the car started skipping and making noise.

Dog Bite

On April 29, William H. Kimbrel stated that his dog and himself had been bitten by Mr. Sammon’s gray in color dog. Pictures were taken of the injuries.

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