2010-05-05 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Prayer anyone?
by Terry Toole

There are times in your life that you will always remember. Some are horrible; some are wonderful. Usually, one follows the other, not in that order at times.

For the past year or so, I have just a slight taste of how Job might have felt. Seems like my most immediate family would or could be lost from some illness.

My younger daughter, Donna, had a condition that the only way to keep her alive was to put around 400 volts of electricity through her heart, and stop it, then hit it again to jump start it. I watched the procedure one time. It will make a strong man cry to see that done to his child. She has had it done six times now, and is doing fair.

My first wife, Betty Jo, took bronchitis and then pneumonia and was given mega doses of antibiotics. From that she got what they call a super bug c-diff. Most of the times people have it like she does, they die. I came close to losing her. She is doing good at this time. She almost killed me and Roy Lee in the yard Saturday.

Our older daughter, Tammy, who was a picture of health and my walking partner, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I took her last Wednesday to her mid-treatment of chemo. Watching them put all of those deadly chemicals into her body doesn't give a dad a good feeling. On that same trip, we went by the Tallahassee hospital to see if they could work her in for a breast biopsy. They found some lumps that needed to be checked. She had to go back the next day to have that done.

"I hope I don't have breast cancer," Tammy said, "Everyone that has had it said it made you real sick."

This is my child who has had everything in her abdominal region cut out of her. She has gotten along wonderfully with her treatments and has an attitude of a saint. If you ask her, she will say she is feeling fine.

The doctor called Tammy Friday, which is unusual to tell her he had good news. The test results of her biopsies showed that the lumps were fibroid tumors, nonmalignant. For someone who had been told that she had next to the worse cancer she could have, that news was like winning the big jackpot. Millions, billions, trillions can’t buy good health.

My mother-in-love, Uva, has been having problems with her feet, but at 96, I guess a few problems can be expected.

This is a long way of telling what I have said before. If you ever wondered what the most powerful thing on this earth is, take it from me, it is prayer.

If you have ever had something to go wrong in your life, or the life of someone close to you, you know what I mean. In every case that I have mentioned, we in my family have felt prayer from friends, churches and those we don't know and have never met.

For the past few years, a small group of now close friends meets each Friday morning for prayer. It started as a community prayer meeting to ask the Lord to stop a drought. Over the years, our group has been asked to pray for a variety of people and things. We have even been asked not to pray for rain, at times.

I missed a prayer meeting a couple of weeks ago. I just forgot, and since I have the key to the church, the rest of the group had to have prayer meeting outside. I thought about it about half way to Albany as I was going to see what a lady doctor was going to cut off of my sorry skin. The next week I apologized for forgetting. I told them that I blamed Joe for that. He ought not to have died and left me one of his jobs.

I've been wondering if this newspaper might offer a prayer column each week for those who would like to have others pray for them or their loved ones.

I feel that I have used the newspaper requesting prayer for me and mine, and it has worked in a wonderful, miraculous way. I know a few prayer warriors that I feel have a direct line to the One who heals.

Please let me know what you think of this. I have seen it work in church bulletins.

I appreciate the doctors and nurses and wonderful treatment centers we have, but there is no doubt in my mind who the Great Healer really is, and being a recipient of His Grace, I would like to offer this median for others.

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