2010-04-07 / Public Safety




March 29 800C Traffic Stop •Speak with Officer, Sheriff’s Office •Domestic, Bush St. •Assist Motorist, West St.

March 30 800C Fire, Dancer St. •Suspicious Person/Vehicle, 3rd St. •Bus Detail

March 31 800C Suspicious Person/ Vehicle 4x •Accident, Crawford St. @ College St.

April 1 800E Accident, Hwy. 27 @ Hwy. 45 •Suspicious Person/Vehicle 4x •Assist EMS, Perry St.

800S Traffic Stop 2x, Crawford St. •Domestic, Wallace Dr. •Assist 799J with Unwanted Subject •Welfare Check, N. 1st St. •Speak with Subject 2x, N. Cuthbert St.

April 2 800C Suspicious Person/ Vehicle, Pine St. •Domestic •Traffic Stop 2x •Domestic, Bremond St.

800E Person locked out of house, Babcock Ln. •Unlock Vehicle, Grow St. •Unwanted Person, Fudge St. •Assist EMS, N. MLK, Jr. St.

800H Unlock Vehicle •Speak with Subject •Fox in Yard 2x •Accident

April 3 800C Traffic Stop 6x •Shot Fired, Pine St. •Suspicious Activity, Pine St. •Suspicious Person/Vehicle •Domestic, Grow St.

April 4 800C Traffic Stop 6x 800H Counterfeit Bill •Assist 800C



On March 29, Lang Clark came to the Police Department and reported that four tires and rims were taken from the rear of his residence. Clark stated the rims were aluminum and that the tires were still on them. Clark was then advised that an investigation would be done on the theft.

Vehicle Accident

On March 31, April Dean Bryant was turning north off of Crawford Street. Buren I. Whitaker, was turning east off of College Street. Whitaker hit Bryant’s vehicle. Whitaker was found to be at fault for failure to yield right of way.

On April 3, Tobias A. Johnson was traveling on Pirate Drive and turned left onto North 4th Street with a bumper pull trailer behind. When Johnson made the left turn, the trailer came unhooked from the truck and traveled across the parking lot of Atkinson Construction and made contact with the front of the building, causing damage to the building.

On April 1, Albert Glenn Faircloth was headed north on Highway 27 North when a deer ran out in front of the vehicle. Faircloth struck the deer, causing damage to the front bumper of the vehicle and a leak in the radiator.

On April 2, Quinton Grant was making a right turn onto Bremond Street from North 4th Street and hit Connie S. McDowell’s vehicle while it was sitting at the stop sign on Bremond Street waiting to turn onto Fourth Street. McDowell’s vehicle suffered damage to the front bumper. No injuries were reported at time of accident.


On April 4, Lisa Parker, the cashier, advised that around 3 p.m. a counterfeit bill was posted inside the store. Officer Hollis Smith advised the investigator, so he can follow up.

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