2010-03-17 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Hell-bent on changing us
by Terry Toole

It is good to try to get something done, but in a free society, our elected representatives either represent us, or themseves.

Just in case you are wondering, I didn't vote for President Obama. I really didn't like the way Senator McCain talked, but he was so much more to the center than the alternative, there was no real choice for an American from deep South Georgia. McCain was a war hero. Obama was a government kept, Chicago raised, I’m really not too sure what. He had many mafia ties, as his many czar appointments have shown. His religious leader for over 22 years taught racial hatred as well as hate for the United States.

Obama was reared according to his own book, The Audacity of Hope, in a household where the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the shelf alongside books of Greek and Norse and African mythology.

When Obama said, "Although ... we have a very large Christian population, we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation, or a Jewish nation, or a Muslim nation," said Obama. "We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values."

He used "we" as an opinion of his own. You are either for something or you are for nothing.

I'm not too sure that Harvard teaches that these United States of America were founded and our Constitution was written by a population of people who were out of a tradition of Western Christian civilization. The Constitution was written to protect religion from government, not protect government from religion.

In just one year, our president and his controlling Democratic Congress has made this nation a debtor nation for generations to come. As great as this United States of America had become, some of the older heads are wondering for the first time in our history if we can survive these "progressive" liberals as they make government control larger and individual freedoms less.

We now have a leader who has had no job experience in being a commander in-chief. He was a Senate newcomer who had never done too much of anything. He will not produce a birth certificate, and some question if he is qualified to hold the office of president, for more reasons than birthplace. He did work for ACORN, a group that can help start a house of prostitution with government funding. That is always good in politics.

Since President Obama took office the national debt has risen over $1 trillion dollars in less than a year. The Democrats have had total control of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives for the past five years. They controlled the budgets and the spending. It's getting harder for President Obama to blame it on the Republicans although they all have responsibilities in our uncontrolled debt.

Under the Obama watch, government has gone wild with control of nearly every aspect of our lives. As of this date, the three "leaders," Obama, Pelosi and Reed declare that although the greater majority of the American people do not want government controlled health care, they intend to push it through the U.S. Senate and House so that Obama can sign the 2000 plus page bill into the law of this land.

This is the nearest government takeover of our American way that has ever been in our history.

Reconciliation is a legislative maneuver that allows bills to be passed in the Senate with a simple majority of 51 votes. Senate Democrats lost their filibuster-proof 60-seat super majority with the January election of GOP Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts to the seat formerly held by the late Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy.

The reconciliation move will not bring this nation together. If it works, it is predicted that the entire Democratic Congress will be lost. The American voters do not condone their representatives going against their wishes with mass government takeovers.

Our government does not have too good a track record of operating their own business. We have become the greatest debtor nation in the world. Obama and his Democratic-controlled Congress are working for more bailouts, increasing the nation's debt higher than that accumulated by all the presidents together from George Washington to George Bush.

The free enterprise system that made this United States of America great for over 200 years is now being taken down by the Obama administration.

You don't have to be too very smart to know that you can't spend yourself out of debt. People who don't pay their debts lose their homes, jobs and businesses. When you "redistribute" the wealth, it comes from those who work and goes to those who don’t. The president and Congress want to put us under a system of health care that they are all exempt from.

Something good comes from everything. I do predict that there will be "change" in the next elections, even in our local ones.

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