2010-03-10 / Public Safety



March 1 800C Traffic Stops 2x 800G Escort •Accident, Main @ Phillips St. •Suspicious Person/ Vehicle

800H Funeral Detail •Bus Detail •Spoke with Subject

March 2 800C Harassment, 1st St. •Mental Subject, MLK, Jr. St. 800G Disturbance, MLK, Jr. St

March 3 800E Assist 799R with Traffic Stop •Escort 3x •Suspicious Person/ Vehicle 3x

800S Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Traffic Stop, N. MLK, Jr. St.

March 4 800E Suspicious Person/Vehicle, 2x •Escort 2x

800S Traffic Stop, N. 2nd St. •Traffic Stop, N. Cuthbert St. •Assist 800E with Traffic Stop, Perry St. •Theft, Badcock St.

March 5 800C Escort •Fight •Clear Crowd •Loud Music, Phillips St. •Traffic Stop

March 6 800C Fair •Traffic Stop •Domestic, Reed St.

March 7 800C Traffic Stop 5x •Domestic, Wallace Dr. •Escort


Vehicle Accident

On March 1, James Roger Newberry was traveling east on Main Street approximately 500 feet west of Phillips Street. Newberry hit puddled water losing control, and leaving the roadway. Newberry’s vehicle left the north shoulder of the road and flipped, coming to a rest approximately 50 feet off of Main Street. The vehicle came to rest upside down.

On March 2, Virginia Carr was pulling out of the vet’s office onto 2nd Street and struck

Gloria Jean Cooper on the driver side, that was traveling south on 2nd Street. No injuries were reported at the time of the accident.

On March 4, Fredrick C. Hightower backed out of a residence on Dancer Street and backed into Lindsey Grant Jr. who was legally parked in front of a residence at Dancer St. The vehicle is registered to the City of Colquitt. Grant’s vehicle was unoccupied at the time of the accident. Mild damage was done to Hightower’s vehicle, and moderate damage was done to Grant’s vehicle. Hightower was at fault for improper backing.

Theft by Taking

On March 7, Emma Wade reported that she found that she didn’t have any ice in her ice maker, nor did the water work on her refrigerator. Wade then reported that someone stole the copper pipe from the water faucet that was running to her fridge from underneath her house. Lattice was also damaged from the skirting at the base of the house where the faucet is located. Wade stated that her neighbor has been out of water.

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