2010-02-17 / Public Safety



February 8 800D Traffic Stop 2x •Escort •Stand-by for Opening •Disturbance, Dancer St.

800E Unlock Vehicle 2x •Escort •Suspicious Person/Vehicle

February 9 800D EMS Assistance •Unlock Vehicle •Security Checks 5x •Traffic Stop 2x •Stand-by for Opening •Alarm

800E Stand-by, E. Reed St. •Domestic, 1st St. •Escort for Sheriff’s Department •School Bus Detail

800S Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Assist EMT’s, Perry St.

February 10

800C Domestic, 1st St. •Suspicious Person/Vehicle, Holly St. •Funeral Escort •Escort •Disorderly Conduct

February 11 800C Domestic, 1st St. •Assist with Stopping Suspicious Person/ Vehicle 800G DUI Narcotic •Domestic


Vehicle Accident

On February 11, Marsha Y. Cox backed out of a parking spot from inside of the court house square and backed into Gladis J. Holmes who was parked in a parking spot. Cox was at fault due to misjudged clearance. No injuries reported.

On February 10, Lynn Marie Arendall was at the stop sign on Highway 91 south waiting to turn onto Highway 27 when Charla H. Jackson hit the back of Arendall’s vehicle. Both vehicles were sitting on the side of the road on Highway 27 when the officer arrived. No injuries reported.

Disorderly Conduct

On February 10, Sheila A. Brewer was placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct.


On February 12, James Roger Newberry was taken to the Miller County Jail and booked on DUI Narcotics First Offense.

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