2010-02-10 / Public Safety



February 1 800C Fight •Traffic Stop 2x

February 2 800C Domestic •Traffic Stop •Unlock Vehicle 800G Theft Case, Pine St. •Assist Fire Truck

February 3 800E Suspicious Person/Vehicle 2x •Unlock Vehicle, Dancer St. •Court •Bond someone out of jail •Unwanted Person, 310 S.

800S Disturbance •Funeral Escort, Crawford St. •Traffic Stop, Holley St. •Traffic Stop, Perry St. •Traffic Stop, Phillipsburg Rd.

February 4 800D Traffic Stop 2x •Security Check 4x •Welfare Check, 1st St. •Speak with Subject, Cuthbert St.

800E Suspicious Person/Vehicle 2x •Unlock Vehicle, Post Office •Bus Detail

800S Traffic Stop 3x, Crawford St. •Traffic Stop, N. MLK, Jr. St. •Assist 800D with Welfare Check 2x, N. 1st St.

February 5 800C Accident, 1st and Geer St. •Traffic Stop 3x

800G Accident, 1st and Geer St. •Escort

800H Traffic Stop 3x •Damage to Property

February 6 800C Traffic Stop 3x •Domestic, Bush St. •911 Hang-up, Bush St. •Escort 800G Terroristic Threats, Geer St. 800H Theft •Traffic Stop 4x •Suspended License •Unlock Vehicle •Public Drunk

February 7 800H Domestic 2x •Unwanted Person

February 8 800C Domestic, 4th St. •Domestic, Geer St. •Traffic Stop 3x

800D Unlock Vehicle •Security Check 4x •Traffic Stop 2x •Assist Motorist



On February 2, Officer Dan Stone was on Patrol on Martin Luther King, Jr. Street traveling north. He noticed a vehicle cross into his lane of traffic, head on. Officer Stone had to go off the side of the road to avoid a head on collision. He turned around on the vehicle and turned on his emergency lights. Officer Stone noticed the vehicle again leave the roadway, this time on the right side of the road into part of the church parking lot across from Top Road. The vehicle then made an abrupt left turn into the Top Road parking lot and almost hit a trash can. The vehicle went around the trash can and was then blocked in by Trooper Landrum from the State Patrol. It appeared as if the offender was going to try and flee. They then did a felony take down on the vehicle. Officer Stone got the driver out of the vehicle and could smell a strong odor of alcohol about this person. Trooper Landrum and CPL. Smith then got two juveniles out of the vehicle, both under the age of 14. Allen Douglas was told by Officer Stone that he was under arrest for DUI and he read Douglas the implies consent. Before taking Douglas to the jail, both juveniles were released to their uncle and the offenders vehicle was towed. Officer Stone then took Douglas to the Miller County Jail and administered the Intox 5,000 test. The first sample was .133 GRMS%, and the second sample was .138 GRMS%. Douglas was then booked on the following charges. DUI 2nd offense, Driving with Suspended License 2nd Offense, 2 counts of Child Endangerment and Failure to Maintain Lane.


On February 6, Officer Hollis Smith was doing building checks on Highway 27 South and noticed a vehicle coming from behind Badcock Furnishing. Officer Smith slowed his vehicle down to give the vehicle coming out time to pull out onto the highway so he could get a tag number. When the vehicle came out he noticed a dryer on the back of the truck and a Early County tag on the vehicle. Officer Smith called the tag in and activated his blue lights to make a traffic stop. The vehicle came to a stop in front of Phillips Auto Parts. Officer Smith walked to the driver window of the Mazda pick-up truck and noticed there was also two vacuum cleaners in the back of the truck as well as the dryer. Officer Smith asked the driver for his license and insurance and advised the dispatcher to run his O.L.N. Officer Smith asked the driver, Willie Joe Marshall, what he was doing behind the Badcock building. Marshall advised that he picks up from all the Badcock stores. Officer Smith called the owner, Ricky Carpenter, and told him what he had. Carpenter advised he has not given anyone the okay to pick up anything from his store. Carpenter also advised that he had problems last year with someone stealing and had cameras set up but did not catch them. Carpenter advised he wanted to press charges. Carpenter was advised to come up and I.D. the items on the truck if they came from his store. He arrived a short time later and looked at the items. Carpenter advised that they were his and where they came from at the store. One of the vacuum cleaners still had one of the Badcock tags on it. Marshall was detained, and an Investigator was asked to come to the scene. When Investigator Kirkland arrived, he was advised of all that happened. Marshall was then transported to the Miller County Jail for booking.

Driving on Suspended License

On February 6, Officer Hollis Smith was traveling south on Highway 27 and met a white Mercury traveling north at a high rate of speed. Officer Smith turned around and pursued the vehicle with his blue lights activated. Officer Smith got the vehicle stopped in front of the R.V. Park on Highway 27. Officer Smith walked to the driver side of the vehicle and asked the driver,

Kathryn J. Abeln, for license and insurance. Abeln advised she left her license at home. Officer Smith got her name and date of birth and had dispatch run her license that way. Dispatch advised her license was suspended for failure to appear. Officer Smith advised Abeln of her license being suspended and she began telling him the story of why they were suspended. Officer Smith advised Abeln she was under arrest for Driving on Suspended License and transported her to the Miller County Jail for booking.

Public Peace Drunk

On February 7, Officer Dan Stone was sent back to East Bush Street in reference to a disturbance. This was the second time within an hour Officer Stone had been to this residence. On the previous call to the same address because of a 911 hang-up. When Officer Stone spoke with Rebecca Carol Clemons on that call, it was obvious that she was intoxicated. Officer Stone asked her if she had a problem that he could help her with, and she stated no and acted like she didn’t know what was going on. Officer Smith advised her that if she needed them for an emergency, to call 911 but if she didn’t need the police, fire, or EMS not to call. When Officer Smith arrived the second time, he spoke with her brother who stated that after Officer Smith left the first time she got violent to the point where she started breaking stuff inside the house. Clemons then came outside and became combative with her brother. Officer Smith then placed Clemons under arrest and transported her to the Sheriff’s Office where she was booked and paper work completed.

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