2010-02-10 / Health

Nursing Home News

by Suzanne Griffin

We have started February off with a bang here at Miller Nursing Home.

Sunday morning we had Sunday School and Sunday afternoon members from Mt. Olive were with us.

Monday morning we had “game time.” We had bowling, card games, checkers, dominoes, tic tack toe, horse shoes, and Monopoly all going at one time. This was lots of fun. Monday afternoon we enjoyed watching a movie.

We had our regular bingo and Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Tuesday afternoon we spent time going over some of the facts about Ground Hog Day. We were just sad to hear that there will be six more weeks of cold weather.

Wednesday morning members from Colquitt First Baptist Church were with us. We enjoyed having coffee shop Wednesday and Friday afternoon. We always have a good time sitting around the table sharing a cup of coffee and a little conversation. Residents enjoyed having “Kingdoms Corps” on Wednesday evening.

Thursday afternoon we voted for our Valentine Queen and King. This allows residents to decide who they wish to have. Residents are the only ones that vote. We will be crowning our queen and king on Thursday, February 11, at our Valentine’s Dance.

Brother Mike Mounts came to share in song and with encouraging words on Friday morning.

Saturday Joyce Grant was with u,s along with our family and friends visiting.

Residents enjoyed having a Super Bowl Party Sunday evening while watching as the Saints came marching in.

You can see this has been a very busy week and look for another one this week.

Thank you to everyone who took part or came out to help with last week’s activities.

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