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News Around Us

Bainbridge -A typically uneventful arrest warrant turned into the discovery of a meth lab, an arrest, and the Hazmat Team working late into the night to clean it up.

Sheriff ’s Sgt. Steve Singleton, Cpl. Jason Williams and Deputy Vince Edmond were executing a number of arrest warrants on Wednesday evening.

They proceeded to 182 Beaver Circle, off Carter Mill Road, in Brinson. The deputies got out of their car at the residence and spotted David German running from the garage and towards the wooded area behind it.

The deputies gave chase and, as they got behind the building, heard something hit the ground. Sgt. Singleton and Cpl. Williams took David German into custody as Deputy Edmond checked the garage. In the garage area, Deputy Edmond smelled ammonia and then discovered all the precursors for a meth lab. A search of the area behind the garage yielded a gallon plastic bottle with cooking meth.

The deputies notified Sheriff’s Captain Chip Nix, Investigator Julian Crowder, and the Hazmat team was deployed.

Hazmat Commander Doyle Welsh, BPS Assistant Fire Chief, looked on, along with Decatur County Fire and Rescue and EMS, as Hazmat members Captain Nix, BPS Investigator Chris Jordan, BPS Sgt. Jon Harrison and DCFR Jerry Hatcher donned gear and secured the meth lab.

Team members searched and cleared the garage of all meth-related chemicals as well as the thrown meth lab. A DEA cleanup company from north Georgia was called to dispose of the hazardous materials.

David Bradley German, 43, of 182 Beaver Circle in Brinson was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession with intent to distribute, possession of pseudoephedrine, possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence.

Blakely - A heated argument at a Damascus city council meeting last week escalated into a shoving match which sent the city clerk to the hospital and the mayor pro-tem to jail.

According to reports, a heated argument over the cost to rebuild the city’s water well between council members Gloria Ann Roberts-McMurray and Phyllis Craft became physical.

City Clerk Gloria Wynds and councilman Nathaniel Thompson reportedly tried to restrain McMurray as she approached Craft. Wynds suffered several injuries when she was knocked to the floor.

A 911 call summoned an ambulance to city hall which transported Wynds to the hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Damascus police chief Jerry Evers responded to a call about the fight and arrested McMurray later at her home. She was held overnight at the Early County Jail before being released the next afternoon.

She has been charged with simple battery, simple assault, and disrupting a meeting.

Camilla - Farmers around Mitchell and Baker County are making unsettling discoveries while going out to their fields.

Scrap metal thieves are targeting local farmers by stripping away hundreds of feet of copper wiring from irrigation systems around the county.

Police say they feel most of the local farmers are being targeted during the night, but thieves also may be stealing copper during daylight hours. According to authorities, nine copper wire thefts have been reported over the last month in Mitchell County.

Donalsonville - The state insurance commissioner’s office said Tuesday its fraud unit will open a criminal investigation into the business practices of a former insurance executive with Seminole County ties.

John Oxendine, the Georgia Insurance Commissioner, announced in a news release that he has directed his fraud unit to begin the criminal investigation of former Southeastern U.S. Insurance Inc. chief executive officer M. Clark Fain III.

“After reviewing financial transactions made by the company, I find no other recourse but to open a criminal investigation into the actions of Mr. Fain,” Oxendine said. “I can only compare the bookkeeping methods of the company to those of Enron.”

On October 27, Judge Thomas R. Campbell of the Superior Court of Fulton County granted a request by Oxendine to liquidate the assets of SEUS after Fain made a questionable $10 million loan.

On December 29, an auction was conducted on behalf of the insurance commissioner’s office and held in Donalsonville on some of Fain’s assets, which included property, farm equipment, vehicles, luxury furniture, and other items, to recoup the loss of SEUS.

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