2009-12-02 / Public Safety


November 23
800C Unlock Vehicle •Alarm 2x,
Main St. •Traffic Stop
800G Escort •Burglary
November 24
800C Alarm, Main St. •Domestic
•Mental Subject
800G Suspicious Person/Vehicle
2x •Suspicious Person/Vehicle,
Peter St. •Suspicious Person/
Vehicle, Dancer St.
November 25
800E Unlock Vehicle, Babcock
800S Traffic Stop, Hwy. 27 S.
•Assist 800D with Traffic Stop,
N. MLK Jr. St.
November 26
800E Accident, Hospital •Hit and
Run, 91 @ 27 •Busted Water Pipe,
N. 2nd St. •Alarm •Speeding
800S Traffic Stop, Phillipsburg
Rd. •Assist 800D with Accident
•Harassing Communications,
Geer St. •Assist 800D with Fight,
Top Road
November 27
800C Domestic, 4th St. •Traffic
Stop 3x
800G Accident
November 28
800C Traffic Stop 4x •Accident
800G Accident •Speeding

Vehicle Accident

On November 24, Kimberly Diane Parker stated that she did not see Whitney Vanessa Williams’ vehicle when she was backing up and struck Williams on the driver’s side rear bumper causing minor damage. No citations were issued, and no injuries were reported while on scene. Williams’ vehicle was parked and not occupied at the time of the accident.

On November 24, Jewel Maddox was turning into the driveway at the Colquitt Animal Hospital and missed the turn and the vehicle ended up in the ditch. There was damage to the underside of the vehicle. No citations were issued, and no reports of any injuries.

On November 28, Larry E. Amos was travelling south on Highway 27 North, just before crossing Spring Creek Bridge. Amos struck a deer.

On November 28, Shawn M. Harris was travelling north on Highway 27, just after crossing the Spring Creek Bridge. Harris’ vehicle struck a deer. The deer struck the driver side of the vehicle causing significant damage. Simple Assault/Simple Battery

On November 27, Mellissa Renolyds advised that a Gary Vernard Daniels had been hit with a broken beer bottle and had a laceration to his cheek. Daniels refused treatment and left the hospital. The scene was turned over to the investigator for further investigation.


On November 27, Barbara Miller Mcnair grabbed Shauntee D. Byrd’s arm and hit her in the eye. Photos were taken of the right eye of the victim.

Marijuana Possession On November 25, Alma Williams’

vehicle was searched, and a rolled brown paper (blunt) containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana was found. At this time Williams was placed under arrest. While on the way to the jail, Williams was asked if she had any other items that were against the law on her person. Williams stated that she had a small blunt in her purse with her cash. A small rolled blunt with what was believed to be marijuana inside was found where Williams had stated. Williams was booked in and received citations for Possession of Marijuana less than an ounce and Driving on Suspended License.

Disorderly Conduct

On November 27, Calvin Leon Daniels was charged with one count of Disorderly Conduct.

Theft of Automobile

On November 27,<BOLD

McLean stated that she was unable to locate her car. After speaking with McLean, it was found that her boyfriend was driving the vehicle when he was arrested. She stated that her boyfriend let a Paige Edwards drive the vehicle from the scene so that it would not be towed. McLean stated that when she tried to recover her property she was not able to find the vehicle where it was supposed to be located. All information was gathered, and a search of the areas that had been mentioned in the investigation was performed but was unable to locate the vehicle.

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