2009-12-02 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

How to know the devil doesn't have you-
by Terry Toole

This has been a good and not so good Thanksgiving season.

I'm not sure how it happened, but I was talked into going to our final football game of the season on a bus. It was a seven hour ride, one way. We got beat, but that Savannah bunch knew the Pirates had been there. They didn't beat us, the seven hour bus ride and a few bad calls by the striped crew did us in.

Then down went SGA. Joanna didn't give me a reason except they didn't get enough points.

If that wasn't bad enough, UGA got beat that next football game. I guess they were in mourning since UGA IV had just passed away at a very young age. Did I mention the Dawgs beat the Yellow Jackets?

It was not a good week for the playoffs for the home teams.

As I said, last week it was good to get my first wife home. Remember all that stuff they gave her in the hospital and then more of the same after she got home? They took care of the pneumonia and bronchitis, but I thought we were going to lose her due to too much of the good stuff. She went by the doctor's office, and he took her off all the antibiotics and weaned her off of the prednisone. She is back in the hospital trying to fix what the cure has done to her.

Taking up for the doctors, the rattle in her chest due to pneumonia scared them. They gave her the works. I guess they didn't want her to have a relapse, so they gave her some more. Betty Jo doesn’t take anymore medicines, especially antibiotics than she has to. All that good medicine killed the bad antibodies and then started killing the good ones. It is not good to get sick on the weekend. I couldn't find anyone that knew about her condition. She went to the pot so many times. A test came back confirming that the medicines did too good, and she was one sick lady. The lab confirmed that she had toxins in her body. The nurses at the hospital found my gynecologist, that's another story, and he gave her some more medicine to slow her down. Whatever it was, it worked, sorta. She sleeps a lot and doesn't have the "trots" as bad.

I have two of the best girls a dad could have. They both did everything they could to help us. They both voted to take their mother to the ER, but I voted to keep her at home. We don't have a democratic vote at the house. She is back in this hospital trying to fix what the cure has done to her. Medicines are good and bad. They can cure and kill.

This is the first time in a long time that we didn't get to go eat and be with the Richardsons on Thanksgiving. We had a good meal at the house, no turkey, but most everything else. Our Richardson children brought in turkey with the trimmings that night for all of us to enjoy for supper.

I didn't have time to feel sorry for all the things that had gone against the grain during the holidays. My folks kept me too busy cooking, cleaning, doctoring, nursing, chauffeuring the sick and elderly, working at the office, fishing, walking the dogs and children and at times, just sitting back and enjoying our family. Did I mention that Mason and I got in about two hours fishing and caught a good mess of bass?

I'll have to admit that I am doing a lot of overtime praying for my mate. She is about as bad a shape as I've seen her, and I've seen her in tough spots. The Lord does answer our prayers. Maybe not exactly like we request them, but in His own good time and way.

While all this was going on, Tammy and Kent went to the Black Friday sales in Bainbridge starting around 3 or 4 AM. Donna went to Albany Thursday night with Garrett to make the Black Friday sales up there at 4 AM. The girls said everyone was real nice. I told them the people hadn't woke up yet.

You can bet that Betty Jo was near death not to go with them. The girls shopped for her with those red hot bargains.

As said in the title to this article, I know the devil hasn't got us. He is still trying to get us so hard. I've found that when he knocks on our door, we just ask Jesus if He will get the door, and most of our problems seem to diminish. As we go into the Christmas season, just remember the reason for the season.

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