2009-12-02 / Health

Nursing Home News

by Suzanne Griffin

Residents and staff have enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and are looking forward to Christmas. It will not be long, and you will see the lights starting to go up around our home. We had a time of sharing and telling just what we were thankful for. For me it was so amazing to hear all the things the residents were thankful for and made me stop to think just how blessed my family and I am.

We had our regular activities this past week, and I want to thank everyone who had part in the activities.

There are still a few residents who have not been adopted for Christmas, so if you would like to participate, please give me a call at 758-4235. Also if any of your groups are planning on visiting with us for the Christmas holidays and would like for it to go on the calendar, just give me a call. We look forward to having all of you visit.

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