2009-12-02 / Front Page

Suspect arrested for possession

by MCL Staff writer

Illegal drugs found on suspect Illegal drugs found on suspect On Wednesday, November 25, 2009, Sgt. Brad Cox of the Miller County Sheriff's Department made contact with a suspicious vehicle he observed at the Kangaroo Express on Highway 27 South.

Cox had been inside the store just minutes prior and had observed the vehicle and its two occupants sitting in the parking lot. Sgt. Cox noticed the engine was not running on the vehicle, and the two occupants had been sitting there so long that the windows were fogged up. Sgt. Cox drove to the Miller County Sheriff's Department and made contact with the store's clerk by phone, concerned the occupants may be casing the store for a robbery. The clerk advised Cox the vehicle had been sitting there a short while before he came in the store. She also told him she was getting concerned herself.

Cox returned to the store, along with Deputy B.J. Josey and K-9 Officer Scott Cleveland. The of- ficers made contact with the occupants of the car, Cecil Martin Galloway of Defuniak Springs, FL, and Jamie Dawn Jones of Donalsonville. Sgt. Cox spoke with Galloway, and Deputy Josey to Jones. Cox asked Galloway for some identification and explained his concerns to him about robberies that have been occurring in the neighboring counties. While talking to him, the officer observed the subject repeatedly putting his hands in his pockets. Sgt. Cox asked him if he would empty his pockets to see that he had no weapons. At that time, Galloway pulled out a pack of cigarettes and partially opened the lid before handing it to the officer. Sgt. Cox observed a small clear plastic bag tucked under the lid of the cigarette pack. The bag contained a white powdery substance that appeared to be cocaine. Sgt. Cox immediately grabbed the subject before he could flee and placed him under arrest. A search of his person revealed a second clear plastic bag inside his pocket, which contained a green leafy substance appearing to be marijuana.

The suspect was transported to the Miller County Jail and booked for violation of the Georgia controlled substance act, and possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

Jones was released at the scene after she was not found to be in possession of drugs.

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