2009-12-02 / Community

Life’s Wonderful Trip

by Jane M. Hunter

David Hunter David Hunter “I got the job and the wife I wanted,” says Benjamin David Hunter, who celebrated his ninety seventh birthday on November 25, 2009.

David’s Lord Jesus holds first place in his life. As long as he was physically able, when the Colquitt Methodist Church doors were open, David was there for all services. He has been a member for more than 80 years and sang in the choir longer than any other member.

He has also served on the church’s administrative board and board of trustees and has been a member of the Ris Bell Sunday School Class.

He is a veteran of foreign wars and the son of a Confederate soldier as well. He was a rural letter carrier on Route Four for over 26 years.

David has been a loyal husband for 66 years and a dedicated father of four sons, two of which were drafted while making good grades in college for the Vietnam War.

David was in the Marine Corps for almost eight years. During World War II he served in the Third Division and landed on Guam. Approximately 20 years later his son, Don, was also sent to Guam, by the Air Force, in which he was in the 91125 Super Secret Service.

For David and me, losing our beloved son, Steve, to an automobile accident 1975, was a very sorrowful bump in the road of life, but our son, Alan, has developed a sense of humor that has helped the family to laugh again.

Our son, Glen, plays the piano about as well as anyone ever has. He also furnishes the very best in recorded music for our family and friends to enjoy.

Glen started off the procession of our sons to college, excelling academically and being chosen by his classmates to serve as graduation speaker at Young Harris College.

Don made the highest grade on the electronics test given for placement by the Air Force.

Steve made A’s in physics at Georgia Tech after tying Robert Thompson for STAR student and was a senior favorite and president of his student body.

Alan was named STAR Student at Southwest Georgia Academy and made an A+ on his thesis at Auburn in building science.

We’re rich in everything but money--we used ours to raise four wonderful sons and college educate them to be productive citizens for our country.

David and I bought two homes which we paid for fully at the time of purchase. We also bought 33 automobiles, and I have the cancelled checks to verify that each was paid for at the time of purchase.

We never wrote a check when we didn’t have the money in the bank to cover it. We don’t spend money that we don’t have, and we feel that our fellow citizens and our country should do likewise.

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