2009-11-11 / Health

Nursing Home News

by Suzanne Griffin

Residents had a fun week this past week.

We started Sunday morning off with Sunday School, and New Home FWB Church was with us that afternoon.

We have started a new activity in the mornings. On Monday through Friday mornings residents are invited to attend Fit and Fun. This gives us a chance to get the blood pumping for the day.

Monday morning we had Bible study, and we enjoyed watching a movie that afternoon.

Tuesday morning we played bingo, and in the afternoon Mrs. Jane Wiggins read from "Grandma's Attic."

Colquitt First Baptist came for our morning service, and we enjoyed having coffee shop that afternoon. Residents enjoy sitting around the tables talking to each other while drinking their coffee. It reminds me of me and my family sitting around mama's table talking with family and friends. Wednesday evening they enjoyed having Kingdom's Corp leading in Bible study.

Thursday morning was time again for bingo, and nothing like a little friendly competition with bowling that afternoon.

As always residents enjoyed singing along with Bro. Mike Mounts and hearing the encouraging words he had for us on Friday. Friday was a beautiful afternoon, so we spent it changing out the flowers in the planters on the porch and then just spent some quality time outside soaking up the fresh air and sunshine.

We also had our first pet visitor on Friday afternoon. Residents enjoyed seeing and petting the little dog that came to visit. We are still looking for more pets to come and visit. If you are interested, please give me a call at 758-4235 so that we can make arrangements.

We had our families visiting on Saturday, along with Joyce Grant coming and sharing with us.

Thanks everyone who took part in last week's activities and for those who came to visit.

People who visited:

Bobby and Carolyn Conard, Sammy Gardner visited Pauline Gardner.

Iva M. Bailey visited Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker.

Brenda Hughes visited Roy Duke.

Due Butler and Linda Widner visited Grace Roberts.

Casey visited Joean Chrispen.

Mary Burke visited Lazelle Smith.

Janice Williams visited Shirley Hopkins.

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