2009-11-11 / Community

News Around Us

Bainbridge - The clerk at the Family Dollar at Shotwell and Scott streets was held at gun point on Tuesday night for what probably seemed like an eternity to her.

The would-be robber pointed a gun at her and demanded the cash from her drawer. The clerk was so upset that she could not remember the number in order to open the drawer. About that time, her supervisor was coming from the back and saw the robbery in process.

She called 911 reporting the armed robbery in progress. The "in progress" part was something that law enforcement has not heard in the past robberies and were highly motivated to arrive at the scene.

Sheriff's Deputy Vince Edmond was close by and arrived first only to find the would-be robber had fled upon hearing a siren. Public Safety officers flooded the area and spoke to anyone close to the description of a black male dressed in black. The perpetrator wore a red scarf or kerchief over his face during the attempt.

BPS Investigator Chris Jordan responded as well as Sheriff's Investigator Chip Nix who was in the area. ACI tracking dogs were requested immediately. They, along with Sheriff's Sgt. Michael Logue and the Sheriff's K-9 Vito, attempted to track the suspect. They had some success but lost the trail when it led into a heavily walked area.

BPS Investigator Chris Jordan stated they have several leads they are following in the investigation.

Blakely - The finale for the recent Calhoun County Relay for Life was Friday, October 16, at the Calhoun County football field. A large crowd was on hand for games, food and fellowship.

The highlight of the evening was when all the cancer survivors walked around the track and were applauded by the crowd from all sides of the field. The relay raised over $33,500 for the American Cancer Society.

Cairo - Dougherty County judicial officials have decided, after more than a month since the September 25 arrest of Cairo High School Director of Bands Johnny Folsom, to dismiss the charges against the band leader.

The Messenger learned this week that the Dougherty County District Attorney's Office has decided to dismiss the charge of simple battery against a police officer that Folsom was charged with the night of Friday, September 25.

The CHS band director was arrested by Dougherty County School System police following an altercation between Folsom and a gatekeeper prior to a football game against the Monroe Tornadoes.

He was arrested when he tried to go in a gate before a head count of the band was taken.

He was booked and held in custody at the Dougherty County Jail for a short time until his release was negotiated by Grady County State Court Judge Bill Bass Sr.

Director Folsom has not commented publicly about the incident, but said this week he is hoping to be able to make a public announcement in the near future.

Donalsonville - The voters have spoken in this county, and now they have a successor to incumbent David Fain who has served for the past 29 years after succeeding Marty Shingler.

The new chief will be former councilman Joseph Burke who defeated former city council member Twynette Reynolds by 16 votes with a pair of election observers looking on Tuesday in a light turnout of citizens.

By the end of the day, 538 citizens had voted and elected Burke in his first try for the city's top office. Earlier, members of the local NAACP chapter came to the probate judge Amy Bagwell and requested to be in the polling places during the 12 hours the polls were open and observe as the process went along, this after Reynolds had also made the same request of Bagwell. No interruptions came from the observers during the day, and the entire voting went along smoothly and quietly.

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