2009-10-28 / Public Safety




October 19 800E Speeding and No License on Person, Phillipsburg @ High School •Paperwork, to Probation •Bus Detail •Assist Tractor, Crawford St.

800D Disturbance 2x •Traffic Stop 2x •Warning 2x •Security Check 3x

October 20 800D Disturbance, Bethel St. •Traffic Stop 3x •Warning 3x •Security Check 4x

800E Suspicious Person/ Vehicle, MLK Jr. St. @ Industrial Blvd.

800S Harassing Communications, Bremond St.

October 21 800C Traffic Stop 2x •Assist EMS •Bus Detail •Unlock Vehicle 3x

October 22 800C Traffic Stop 5x •Bus Detail •911 Hang Up, MLK Jr. St.

October 23 800E Suspicious Person/ Vehicle 2x •Assist Task Force with Search Warrant •Unlock Vehicle •Suspicious Golf Cart

October 24 800E Suspicious Person/ Vehicle •Unlock Vehicle

October 25 800E Suspicious Person/ Vehicle, 3x •Unlock Vehicle, Danny St.


Vehicle Accident

On October 24, Hilton W. Richardson was traveling north on First Street. Jennifer Gibson was traveling east on Crawford Street. Richardson did not stop at the stop light and struck Gibson who was proceeding through the green light. Richardson stated that he believed the light would turn green before he passed through it, but it did not, and he struck the other vehicle.

Public Drunk

On October 25, Chance E. Miles was stopped. While speaking with Miles, Officer Scott Cleveland could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Miles' person. Miles also had blood shot eyes and slurred speech. Miles advised that he had been drinking. After a positive identification and Miles admitting to his part, he was placed under arrest and transported to the jail where he was booked in on Public Drunk and Open Container.

Suspended License

On October 25, Jarrod Kyles was stopped due to his license being suspended and also an expired tag. Kyles advised that he knew that his license was suspended and that he had just run to the store to get some food. At this time Kyles was placed under arrest and transported to the jail where he was booked in and received citations for Driving on Suspended License and Expired Tag.


On October 24, Melinda Howard advised that a silver SUV pumped $10.20 in fuel and then drove off without paying for the fuel. Howard advised that it appeared that the customer tried to pay for the fuel by credit card at the pump, but the credit card didn't take. No contact was made with the suspect vehicle.

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