2009-10-28 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Tennessee trip two - near perfect.
by Terry Toole

I was reading last weeks Liberal up in Crossville, TN, at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, October 20, before it was printed in Bainbridge, GA at 12:30 p.m. That's an hour or so before anyone else read the printed copy, when Uva would sell you one.

The Liberals were then addressed, and sitting at the Colquitt Post Office before 2:00 p.m. Tuesday evening. Most local editions are delivered on Wednesday morning. Out-of-town editions are taken by truck to an Albany distribution center, and Lord only knows when our subscribers will get them, but that is another story.

Back to our trip to Tennessee - with two of our closest and best friends, Spud and Pat Bush. Three of us graduated together from MCHS, and so did the younger one Pat a year later. They were our back door neighbors until all of our children left home. We've been together for many, many years, and enjoy these first 73 plus years with a few ripples along the way.

We left Colquitt Sunday morning a week ago and arrived at our destination nine hours later. It was a good, long trip. I knew it would be a little longer when we headed for Donalsonville going to Tennessee. We had three GPSs on board, so I knew we would make it. This is our second trip to Fairfield Glade Resort.

This fabulous resort is in Crossville, TN. It is famous by claiming the area as the golf capital of Tennessee, and rightfully so. We didn't even bring our clubs, and the greens run up in our back yard. There were several lakes and streams near us that made me kind of wish I had brought a rod and reel.

We saw several fair to middlin' plays. The girls almost wore out a couple of decks of cards. It's amazing they don't fight, but they don't. We got plenty of exercise following the girls walking. The weather was perfect; the companionship was the best. The rest and following two women was awesome. They took us places we've never been before, and a few we had seen.

This column is already too long, so I can't tell you everything we did and saw. Just to name a few, the resort was very nice. I even got to sleep on a bed this time. The first trip, we only had one bedroom, so being good hosts, we gave our Bush friends the bedroom, and we slept on the sofa. There were two bedrooms this time.

This was a very religious trip. We saw one Baptist play, one Catholic play, and the beauty of the leaves changing, only God could make. We went to a state park that was out of this world. We had eaten out, eaten in and seen lots of Western Tennessee by Friday when we had to leave the resort. Betty Jo and "ye scribe" thought we were to stay until the next Sunday, so we left Friday heading for them "thar" hills of Eastern Tennessee where we have a cabin. We hadn't been there for four years, thought we needed to see if it was still standing. It was, and I even got to catch a few of our fish. We went to Dollywood where they were having the Fall Gospel Singing Festival. We saw and heard some great Southern gospel quartets and a few more wonderful shows.

To top the week off, we stopped by Canton to see our daughter and grandson while Mason was playing a baseball game. He and his team did good.

The 1400 mile trip was long, but other than getting lost a time or two, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Good traveling companions make a long trip even more enjoyable. I just hope those girls didn't wear their jawbones out talking.

As usual, I was proud to see the Miller County line.

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