2009-10-07 / Public Safety



September 28 John R. Holton: Speeding 14 Miles

Michael G . Ginn: Speeding 14 Miles

September 30 Sherry Morse: Speeding 14 Miles Kimberly Nicole Donley: Safety Belt Amanda Waits Palmer: Safety Belt 4 YRS to 18 YRS

October 1 Stephanie Marie W. Barber: Speeding 14 Miles

October 2 Martin Eric Neuman: Expired Tag

October 3 Franklin Jones Jr.: Open Container, DUI

Michael Hulyn: Public Drunk, Shoplifting Octavia N. Guy: Loud Music


September 25 800E Suspicious Person/ Vehicle 3x •Suspicious People, Bellview Rd. •Snake on Playground •Snake in House, N. Second St. •Unlock Vehicle

800S Alarm, Carr St. •Assist 800E with Traffic Stop, MLK Jr. St. •Vehicle Accident

September 26 800E Burglary, Methodist Church •Assist Sheriff's Office with Escort •Assist EMS

800S Traffic Stop, MLK Jr. St. •Tree Limb in Street, W. Pine St. •Assist

September 27 800S Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Assist EMT's Perry St.

September 28 800C Traffic Stop 3x •Domestic •Bus Detail 800G Alarm

September 29 800C Traffic Stop •Fight, MLK Jr. St. •Vehicle Accident, Library •Suspicious Person/Vehicle

800G Alarm •Searched Vehicle •Child Custody, Bellview Rd. •Unlock Vehicle •Domestic, Ruth St.

September 30 800E Speeding •Vehicle Accident •Alarm •Escort 2x, 4th and Main St. •Seat Belt 2x •Fight

800S Alarm •Domestic, Speak with Subject, Lost and Recovered Cell Phone, N. 1st St.

October 1 800D EMS Call •Traffic Stop 2x •Suspicious Person •Security Check 3x

800E Unwanted Person, Phillips St. •Suspicious Person/Vehicle, Crawford St. •Vagabond

800S Assist 799J with Traffic Stop, Hwy. 27 N. •Traffic Stop, Phillipsburg Rd. •Assist EMT's, N. MLK Jr. St. •Traffic Stop, N. 1st St. •Traffic Stop, N. 4th St.

October 2

800C Football Game •Bus Detail •Ran Intox •Traffic Stop 2x

800G Expired Tag •Suspicious Vehicle, DUI •Shoplifting •Unwanted Person, 4th St. •Incident, Emergency Room

October 3 800C Disturbance 2x •Traffic Stop 4x

800G Disorderly Neighbor, Perry St. •Suspicious Person/Vehicle 3x INCIDENT REPORTS

Vehicle Accident

On September 29, Angela M. Ortega stated she was backing out of a parking spot. Ortega misjudged the clearance and struck Linda Cox Raffield's vehicle with the passenger side front of her vehicle. This caused minor damage to the driver's side rear bumper of Cox's vehicle. No injuries were reported on scene, and no citations were issued.


On September 26,

Krystal Leonard advised that she and her son were cleaning the church when her son noticed that one of the rooms in the church had a broken window and that glass was all over the floor. The blinds in the window were also damaged along with a table cloth on the tables. Leonard advised that the last time someone was in that room was on September 23, 2009, at approximately 9 o'clock. After examining the church, the only thing that was noticed to be missing was a black office phone made by AT&T.

Disorderly Conduct

On September 30, Nicole Thompson advised that the suspect, Trivia McClendon, came over to her apartment with her son arguing that Nicole's son had hit her son. Nicole advised that Trivia kept telling her son, AJ, hit Nicole's son, Nicorian. At this time Nicole started arguing with Trivia. Trivia then swung at Nicole attempting to hit her. Trivia missed, and Nicole swung back and hit Trivia. At this time Trivia went across the parking lot and got a golf club and came running back to Nicole's apartment with it. Bystanders were able to get Nicole back into her apartment and break up the fight.

Simple Battery

On September 30, Tori L. Worthy wanted to file a report. The statements along with pictures were taken, and the case has been turned over to the investigator for further investigations.

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