2009-09-23 / School & Sports


by Hunter Cleveland Reporter

First things first, I would like to congratulate Colt Calhoun for taking home $30 and the first place spot in our local tractor driving contest. Second place, winning $20, was Trey Perryman, and third, winning $10, was Cody Miller. The money was given to them after our local FFA Alumni met up for hamburgers on Monday night. I would also like to give a big thanks to Mr. Jerry Torbert with Albany Tractor for supplying the tractor, Mr. Horace Lovering for supplying the trailer, The Miller County Road Dept. for the cones, and FFA Alumni members, Bobby Richardson and Martin Evans, for judging the event. Also, our first FFA meeting was Thursday September 17, 2009. Members did not have to have their dues paid to attend this event, and I would like to thank everyone that attended. Our local Chicken-Q will be on September 25, 2009, and you can buy tickets till Wednesday September 23 from any FFA member. Now, I would like to report on the results of the Area 5 events that some MCHS students participated in on September 15, 2009.

The Miller County High School FFA Land Judging Team recently won the Area 5 FFA Land Judging Career Development Event. The event was held in Bainbridge, September 15, 2009.

Team members, Zac Whitaker, Anna Jones, Seth Deane, and Bret Snow, will participate in state competition. The state winner will advance to national competition in Oklahoma.

The Land Judging Career Development Event provides students the opportunity to determine land classification and use treatment practices for selected sites. The students must consider topsoil texture and thickness, effective depth, permeability of subsoil, slope, erosion, drainage and land capability.

The Land Judging Career Development Event is sponsored by Georgia Farm Credit Associations as a special project of the Georgia FFA Foundation.

MCHS FFA member Colt Calhoun recently competed in the Area 5 FFA Agricultural Tractor & Machinery Operations & Maintenance Career Development Event. The event was held in Bainbridge, September 15, 2009.

The Agricultural Tractor & Machinery Operations & Maintenance Career Development Event allows students to demonstrate the skills necessary to safely and efficiently operate a tractor. Participants in the event take a written exam and answer problem-solving questions related to tractor servicing, safe operation, care and maintenance. Participants also drive a tractor and are tested on tractor operations.

Mallory Jarvis, Nicole Addison, Amber Palmer. Mary Sue Newberry, and Kaleb Whitaker competed in Ag communications. They had to answer true/false questions and multiple choice questions. They also had to make corrections and edit a news piece. I would also like to mention that Garrison Clenney competed in the FFA quiz section where he had to answer questions on FFA history. We still encourage all students to join the FFA by paying the $10 dues to our FFA advisor Mr. Bill.

Catch ya next week, Hunter A. Cleveland

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