2009-09-23 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

We just don't know what we've got-
by Terry Toole

It's kind of like living in South Georgia, you don't know how blessed you are until you go for a visit.

As most of you know, I don't travel too much. When I do, it is like many things I do, it just happens. I am blessed that among the attributes of my first wife, she really missed her calling by not being a travel guide. She just loves to go, anywhere.

My first wife, Betty "Go" Toole, is a good women. She has lived with me for the past 53 plus years when she should have been married to a traveling man.

My idea of a good vacation is a weekend anywhere within 100 miles of here. If it were left up to me, we would travel to Bainbridge each week to pickup that week's newspaper. I'll put her off at one of the ladies' shops while I'm doing what I do with that week's newspaper. Very seldom do we have time to eat lunch. Our subscribers are used to getting their Liberal on Tuesday or at least on Wednesday.

Thank goodness most of them want their newspaper on time. For our younger readers, 80 and under, our web site has been great. Who would have thought that over 40,000 internetters would open up the Miller County Liberal each week for any reason. Grandma Zula would be proud.

Technology has come a long way. Who would have thought that we would be sending the entire newspaper, this week 24 pages, to another town by telephone to be burned on a plate from a computer and printed on large presses with color? We are almost into this technology field as much as farmers.

Since the bottom fell out on the stockmarket, and over 10 percent of our nation doesn't have a job, my dear wife hasn't mentioned me "retiring." I hadn't planned to anyway, although I can think of a few who would like to see me go. Why should I retire from something that I enjoy doing? Although this newest job I have has been an almost constant challenge, I don't know anything that I had rather be doing.

One of my most asked questions is, "Who is going to get the paper out when you're gone?"

At the moment, I really don't have any plans to leave, but knowing that we are not promised tomorrow, I have a few plans. I've already hit my three score and 10, so you had better hope I'm not using your time.

I do hope that my first wife will find her a good travelling man after I have exited the scene.

As you know the best made plans of mice and men sometimes fail.

I've got a pretty good crew. If I got where I couldn't help, or was gone, they could get this newspaper out without me. There is no doubt about it. They tell me I don't do all that much anyway.

If I do exit the scene, which I'm ready, but like my late cousin, Cecil Cook, said when the preacher asked everyone to stand who was ready to go to heaven. Cousin Cecil didn't stand.

The preacher asked, "Mr. Cook, don't you want to go Heaven?"

Cousin Cecil replied, "I want to go, but I thought you meant now."

Don't get the wrong idea, other than having diabetes, high blood pressure and getting older, I feel fine for the shape I'm in. My football friends keep asking me if I'm going to be there the next week. I keep telling them I'll be there if the Lord is willing.

I do admit that I enjoy the home games the best, and I will make it to the games of our nearby rivals, but going across the state or up around Atlanta, they might have to do it without me.

First wife asked me a day or so ago if I could get off next month for a few days.

I asked her about the trip she had planned for Tennessee.

She said that would be the next week.

I replied, "Take your pick. I will be going on one only."

She has gotten where she will go with the girls and leave me to take care of her 95-year-old mother, or vice versa. We get along fine. When her daughter is gone, she gets to eat and drink what she wants. She is one of the ones I will leave to take care of things when I'm gone. She is ready, but is looking forward to a blast on her 100th birthday. Her biggest worry is who will take care of her when Betty Jo and I are gone.

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