2009-09-23 / Front Page

Farming is #1 industry in Georgia

Farming by Terry Toole

Farming in the 21st Century is high technology. Farming in the 21st Century is high technology. This is National Farm Safety Week, and Miller County and surrounding counties are right in the middle of peanut picking and gathering. Much of the corn has already been harvested and cotton will be next after the peanut gathering.

The number one industry for Georgia is agriculture.

The very large tractors and equipment will be in the even larger fields gathering the crops. As they move onto the public roads and highways to get from one area to another, the slow and not so slow moving equipment can be dangerous to regular traffic. We ask that when the public sees this equipment that they slow down, and pass with extreme care. We need our people and our farmers to be safe.

The gathering season does not last long, but everyone is trying to finish this most important time of the year, harvest season.

Agriculture and agribusinesses are looking better and better. Georgia Agriculture is worth over $57 billion dollars to Georgia's economy.

We wish every farm family and those millions who depend on farmers, a safe and prosperous harvest season.

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