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Miss Mamie is 100

Miss by Terry Toole

Mrs. Mamie W. Daniels turns 100. Mrs. Mamie W. Daniels turns 100. It was a very exciting day around Miller Nursing Home this past Tuesday, September 15, 2009. Ms. Mamie Widner Daniels of Colquitt, eased gracefully into the 100 years old catagory.

When this reporter went down to the nursing home to take pictures and talk to the birthday girl, one of the male residents was playing the boogie on the piano as several female residents were doing the bump. I thought one or two of them were going to get out of their wheelchairs and dance.

I asked Miss Mamie if she knew me.

She smiled and said, "I think so. I don't see as well as I used to."

I asked her if she remembered Annie Lou Toole at the Western Auto.

She smiled even bigger and replied, "Sure I do. Me and Tommy traded there all our married life. How is your mama doing?"

I told her Ma was doing well, in heaven. She didn't make it to 100, but she always said, "Let Tommy and Mamie have anything they want in the store."

"Do you remember Bert and Willie Priest who had the Miller County Liberal?" I asked her.

"I remember now, you bought the Liberal from them. How are they doing?" she asked.

They are both doing well, with Ma in heaven," I answered.

"Seems like lots of my old friends have gone on to heaven. Guess that's the way it is when you get to be 100. How are you doing?" Ms. Mamie continued with a smile.

"Don't know of a better place to be, or to be going to. I'm feeling fine for a boy my age," I replied.

"Guess so. Me too," she said.

She is a lovely lady.

Ms. Mamie is the wife of the late Tommy Daniels. They had one son, Woody Daniels of Plant City, Florida, and one daughter, the late Josey Wade. Ms. Mamie also has one living sister, Mrs. Lillian W. Bryan, 91, of Colquitt, three grandchildren and a host of nieces and nephews.

Ms. Mamie celebrated the day surrounded by her family and friends. Her and her sister, Ms. Lillian, celebrated their birthdays together and jointly the living of 191 years.

All the staff and residents of Miller Nursing Home would like to wish Ms. Mamie a big "Happy Birthday" and hope there are many more to come.

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