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Bainbridge - A day of fun on the Flint River turned bad quickly for a group of friends on Sunday afternoon. Several were hurt with minor injuries, and one went to jail for boating under the influence.

A call to 911 that a boat had just run over three people tubing on the River sent EMS, Public Safety and GSP quickly to the Bainbridge Boat Basin late Sunday afternoon.

The accident occurred near the Boat Basin campgrounds where the boat pulled to shore. After ascertaining the injuries did not appear to be serious, EMS personnel traveled with the boat as it was brought to the boat basin for better access.

It was reported by witnesses that a smaller boat was driving in circles around a party boat pulling a large tube carrying three persons.

The man piloting the smaller boat (name unknown Sunday afternoon) that struck the tubers refused a test for alcohol. He was detained by Public Safety and GSP and arrested by Department of Natural Resources Officer Tony Cox and charged with boating under the influence.

Two of the riders suffered lacerations. EMS transported the male to the hospital to be treated. Then, if that wasn't enough, a lady slipped from the boat as she was getting off, severely twisting her ankle.

At the campground, camper Mary Haire stated she heard a big boom when it happened. Timothy Haire (in video) witnessed and described the accident for us. He also told us that earlier in the day, the driver of the smaller boat had lost control and run up on the opposite shore.

Blakely - The City of Blakely utility customers will no longer have a seven day grace period on returned checks issued to the city and may find their power has been disconnected if the bill is not paid in full by the 20th of each month.

The Blakely City Council voted at its September 1 meeting to disconnect customers who have not paid their bill by the 20th. The city will reconnect the power when the account is paid in full. The measure comes after an increasing number of city utility customers began paying their bills on the 20th with checks on accounts with insufficient funds.

Blountstown - A joint investigation by the Blountstown Police Department and Calhoun County Sheriff's netted the arrest of an alleged cocaine dealer last week.

Justin Watson, 21, of Blounstown, has been charged with sale of a controlled substance within 1000 feet of a public housing unit and possession of a controlled substance (cocaine) with intent to sell.

According to the BPD, the case began back in August when BPD Officer Timothy Partridge and Inv. Mark Mallory of the sheriff's office began conducting drug investigations within the city limits of Blountstown. Contact was made with Watson, and a deal was struck to purchase several plastic bags of cocaine for $50. Once the transaction was complete, the cocaine was field tested and came back positive for cocaine.

Watson was booked into the Calhoun County Jail and released after posting a property bond. He is due in court on September 30.

Camilla - Bobby Kimbrough, a 39-year-old Decatur County man, has been charged with murdering his long time girlfriend in the early morning hours of August 30, 2009, in Mitchell County.

Investigators say Kimbrough broke into the home of Lucious Williams around two a.m. on Sunday, August 30, armed with a rifle. Distraught, he broke down the back door and shot 39-year-old Lilly Mae Wilson once, went home, and went to work. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

Williams was also home but escaped injury.

Authorities contacted Kimbrough's boss. Prentice Gleaton then took him back to the crime scene where he was arrested.

For 12 years, Wilson and Kimbrough had lived together, the last being in Decatur County. Subsequently, Wilson left Kimbrough and moved to Mitchell County.

Kimbrough is in jail charged with murder, felony murder, burglary, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. He is in the Mitchell County Jail.

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