2009-08-12 / Public Safety

Sheriff Department Reports

• Burglary
• Case Files
• Court x3
• Continue Rape Case
• Continue Burglary Case
• Theft x2
• Tresspassing x2
• Harrassing Phone Calls
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August 3 799G Assist 799E, Phillipsburg Rd. •Pick up Inmate, Seminole County Sheriff Office •Attempted Burglary, Hwy 27 S. •Speak with Subject, via Phone •Transport Evidence to Crime Lab, Moultrie •911 Hang-up, Hwy 45 N. 799O Accident, Moulton Rd.

August 4 799D Court •Serve Papers

799G Put Out Funeral Signs, Helms Rd. •Pick up Papers, Courthouse •Suspicious Vehicle, Thompsontown Rd. •Return Papers, Courthouse •Serve Warrant, Jail •Deliver Message, Sheffield Dr. •Speak with Subject, Rock Rd. •Speak with Subject on Civil Matter,via Phone •Verbal Dispute, Old Damascus Rd.

August 5 799F Court Duty •Fire on Babcock Rd. •Warrant Served •Transport to Albany •4-Wheeler, Three Notch Rd. •Security Checks, County Wide

799J Tree in Roadway, Hwy 45 South •Harrassing Phone Call, Hwy 91 South

799R Pick up Funeral Signs, N. Second St. •Traffic Stop, Hwy 27 N. •Tree in Road, Hwy 45 S. •Theft, Babcock Rd.

August 6

799F Health and Welfare, Thomasontown Rd. •Assist Vehicle, 27 South •Security Checks •Inmate Transport Donalsonville to Miller County

799J Speak with Subject via Phone, Sheriff's Office •Burglary, N. Cuthbert St.

799R Speak with Subjects, Sheriff's Office •Put up Funeral Signs, Fudge St. •Pick up Paperwork, Courthouse •Traffic Stop, Hwy 27 N. •Conduct Intox for Police Department, Jail

August 7 799G Served Subpoenas, Sheriff's Office •Served Subpeona, Cuthbert St. •Served Subpoena and Civil Paper, Whites Bridge Rd. •Transport to Thomasville •Served Civil Paper, Michael St.

August 9 799G Speak with Subject, via Phone

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