2009-08-12 / Public Safety

Police Department Reports

July 31 800D Disorderly Conduct Arrest, Wallace Dr. •Traffic Stop x3 •2 Citations •Security Check x4 •Traffic Stop DUI, Obstruction Citation x6 •Arrest x2

August 1 800D Arrest for Suspended License Citation x2 •Disturbance, MLK Jr. St. •Arrest for Disorderly Conduct, MLK Jr. St. •Traffic Stop x3

August 2 800D Disturbance, Grow St. •Disturbance, 2nd St. •Alarm, Cuthbert St. •Security Check x3 •Traffic Stop x2

August 3 800G Suspicious Person/ Vehicle •Vehicle Accident •Theft of Services •Accident, Hwy 27 and Spring St.

August 4 800G Recovered Stolen Phone •Shoplifting Call •Juvenile Court

August 5 800E Unlock Vehicle •Assist EMS with Seizures, Middle St. •Downed Lines, Thompsontown Rd. •Wanted Subject

800S Traffic Stop, N. 1st St. •Power lines Down, Bellview Rd. •Assist EMT's, Middle St. •Assist 800D with Unruly Juvenile, Ruth St. •Identity Theft •Bank Alarm

August 6 800E Suspicious Person/ Vehicle x2 •Forgery •Unlock Vehicle, Post Office

800S Assist 800D with Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Assist 800D with Traffic Stop, MLK Jr. St. •Assist 800D with Traffic Stop, W. Main St.

August 7 800H Damage to Property x3 •Unlock Vehicle x2 •Speak with Subject

800S Traffic Stop, N. 4th St. •Assist 800G with Domestic •Prisoner/Subject in Custody

August 8 800H Unwanted Person •Unlock Vehicle •Traffic Stop •Speak with Subject 800S Speak with Subject about Hit and Run, Sheriff's Department and Police Department

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Unauthorized Use of


On August 9, Johnnie Mae Huntley advised that her granddaughter took her 2004 Ford Taurus some time during the night. The vehicle was taken without her permission or knowing. She noticed it missing at around 9 AM on August 9th. A BOLO was put out on the vehicle and person .

Hit and Run

On August 8th Keitric McDaniels wanted to file a report in reference to a Hit and Run. The statements along with pictures were taken and the case is still ongoing.

Public Drunk

On August 8th Cynthia Galvin stated that Deon Linner Galvin came to her residence and started arguing with her about a family situation. Cynthia stated that she asked Deon to leave her residence after he became angry and started using profanity. While talking to Deon and getting statements, Officer Lonnie Wade could smell an odor of alcohol from Deon's clothes and breath. Officer Wade had to advise Deon to lower his voice three times as he became angry with the argument between him and his sister. Deon began to get louder as he was walking away. Deon was placed under arrest for Public Drunk and transported to the county jail where he was booked.

Damage to Property

On August 7th Curlye Ma Right advised that someone had cut her car tire. The tire was cut on the front driver side.

On August 7th Alice Mike advised that when she came outside the morning of August 7th her rear passenger tire was flat. With a closer look she found that the tire had been cut. Mike advised that the tire was fine at around 9 p.m. August 6th.

On August 7th Emma D. Richardson stated that her passenger side tires of vehicle had been punctured two times on the rear tire and once on the front tire. Several scratches across the passenger door and rear quarter panel were also noticed.

Theft by Taking

On August 7th Mickael D. Sanders stated that a gold in color single cab pickup had made several trips around the square and each time they would stop at the MDS building. Sanders stated that when he came by he saw the subjects around the building and noticed a ladder in the back of the truck that was not originally in the vehicle. At this time Dep. Josey saw the vehicle on Delores Street with no tag available and initiated a traffic stop. Officer Scott Cleveland arrived shortly after the suspects in the vehicle were advised of the situation and all subjects stated that they were in the area but had not taken any thing from the building. After speaking with all three suspects Officer Cleveland placed a call to the owner of the building and asked could he come to the scene to check and make sure nothing was taken from his business or if he recognized any of the materials in the bed of the vehicle. Upon arrival he recognized the ladder in the rear of the vehicle as one that had been placed in the gated area of his building just a few day prior. At this time all three suspects were transported to the jail. Inv. Morgan was also contacted and informed of the situation. After speaking with Inv. Morgan, pictures were taken of the vehicle and

materials in the bed of the

truck. All subjects were

booked in and warrants pending. Justin Michael Collins was charged with theft by taking. The vehicle was then placed in the impound at the Sheriff's Office.

Disorderly Conduct

On August 7th Kayla Register stated that her and Brandon Jackson had an argument in reference to his belongings that where in her vehicle. The argument became physical when Jackson struck Register above her right eye causing swelling and a small laceration. After gathering Register's information Officer Scott Cleveland left the scene to locate Jackson who was located on Martin Luther King Jr. Street. Jackson stated that he had struck her during the argument with his elbow. At this time Officer Cleveland placed Jackson in handcuffs and transported him to the jail where he was book in and received a citation for Disorderly Conduct.

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