2009-07-29 / Opinion

As You See It

I wish every citizen of Miller County would go to one county commission meeting and see how, what, we elected act, cursing, fussing, threatening etc. Boy can we pick um.

I spoke up and helped elect a new commissioner in my district. He has joined the Barbie/Clyde Train. I will help defeat him next time.

I wonder if our BOC, if they worked, would like their employer to sign a document giving some board of bureaucrats power to hire and fire them.

It's a shame to hear that some people are considering moving out or not moving into Miller County due to the high property taxes.

There is no way to keep exempting certain groups from paying taxes and expect those who are left to pay less. Dumb getting dumber.

The Board of County Commissioners and the Board of Education both meet the same time and the same day. Is this to keep citizens from attending both meetings? It works until election time.

What happened to the hiring freeze set by the county commission, or are they exempt from that also?

If anyone sees President Obama, ask him where he went to school. That 95 percent of us who won't be paying more taxes might just be the biggest lie ever told.

What happen to the "hearings" for the teachers who were RIFFED or was it RIPPED?

No one has heard from the monies being collected from parolees since the salaries went from $0 to over $70,000. This was a county commission money maker.

If our elected officials and hired employees would spend our tax monies like they spend their own personal funds, you would see a lot different tax and spend.

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