2009-07-29 / Opinion

Solve unemployment and healthcare-Bring back the draft

by Bill White

Bring back the draft. Eve ryone that serves 180 days of honorable service and is honorably discharged will receive VA benefits and be eligible to use the VA health care system. Give the money for a national health care program to the VA, which is today under-funded. Then watch the cost of health care plunge.

All I hear is how to provide heath care for everyone. That's not the problem. All the doctors and hospitals want to make millions today. That's the problem. The medical profession makes sure that there are not enough doctors and facilities in order to be able to charge ridiculously high prices. Supply and demand. People become doctors today to get rich, not to help people.

The other benefit of the draft is that it gets the young person off the streets and into an environment that has the ability to make something positive out of him or her, and when employment is at over 10 percent, it gives them a job.

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