2009-07-29 / Opinion

Ebony Dots & Dashes

by Katie Smith

Monday morning proved to be a good day for me. My granddaughter Georgia Burr and her daughter Heather and grandchildren, Haley and Terry, came up to see me and spent the morning with me. Also Mrs. Janice Hayes came by and spent time with me. It had been some time since Janice had been by to spend some time with me. I was glad to see all of them. They were like a dose of medicine.

Heard today (Tuesday) that Ms. Willie Mae Bell had passed. She was related to the Bells of Miller County. Her mother was the sister of the late Richard Bell. Our sympathy goes to the family.

Went to early services in D'ville last Sunday. Saw some friends from Atlanta. The twin daughters of Mrs. Fredena Wooten's daughter, Gearldine, were there along with their uncle's son. Was glad to see the children.

Went to Mt. Calvary F.W.B. Church to their family and friends day. The service was very good.

My two companions and I left church for home. The youngest of the two fell asleep as soon as the car got in motion. It was a long day for a four-year-old. She will be going back to VA on Friday. We have enjoyed having her here for the summer.

Mrs. Barbara Jean King is in the hospital in Albany. Hopefully her stay will be short, and she will be able to come home soon.

Had a call from my cousin, Mrs. Annie Kate Woodall, today. She was doing good. I was glad to hear from her. She was telling me of her ills while I reminded her I had a few, too. We love each other and try to keep in touch. Families should do that. It is so sad when families get out of touch for no reason except stupidity. Love is always the best answer.

Called Mrs. Dot Burney to check up on her family. She said all was doing fairly well.

Hope everyone is doing well. Keep the faith and look to Jesus. He will make everything all right.

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