2009-07-29 / Front Page

Spring Creek can't be beat

By Papa

Mason Toole shows the big one. Mason Toole shows the big one. It was about 6:00 p.m. Saturday, when Mason Toole, seven, of Canton, was asked by his Papa, Terry Toole, if he would like to go fishing. That's like asking him if he would like to go hit a few balls.

The two went and picked up a few crickets and after about two hours, they came out with about as good a mess of Spring Creek bream and one catfish as you would want to clean.

Neither of the fellows are too good a fisherman since they don't lie well. Papa Toole admitted that he caught one fish. Mason caught 40.

Mason said, "I caught all the bream, but Papa caught the big catfish."

Papa said, "I do believe that I am a master at putting crickets on and taking bream off.

I would have let him catch the cat, but with a six pound line and bream hook, I didn't figure Mason could get him in. We had a great time.

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