2009-07-22 / Public Safety

Police Department Reports

July 13 800D Disturbance, 2nd St. •Disturbance, Dancer St. •Security Check x3 •Traffic Stop

800E Speeding •Assist 800K with Chase in Progress •Harassing Communications

800S Assist 800K with Chase in Progress, Crawford St. •Vehicle Accident

July 14 800E Child Safety Restraint •Possible Intoxicated Driver •Unlock Vehicle, Grow St. •Vehicle Accident •Speak with Subject, Harassing Communications

800D Disturbance, MLK St. •Crowd Control, 2nd St. •Disturbance, 2nd St. •Security Check x4

800S Traffic Stop, E. Pine St. •Speak with Subject, N. 2nd St. •Prisoner/ Subject in Custody •Possible Fight, MLK Jr. St. •Traffic Stop, MLK Jr. St.

July 17 800S Assist with D.T.E., Babcock St. •Prisoner/Subject in Custody •Assist 800D with Unwanted subject, Main St.

July 18 800S Assist 800D, Grow St.

July 19 800S Disturbance x2 •Prisoner/Subject in Custody

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Vehicle Accident

On July 13, Joseph Ehrmantraut was attempting to enter the Petro Service Station and park, when at the time, Ehrmantraut misjudged the clearance and struck the pole. The driver's side door and rear driver's side door struck the pole causing minor damage to the vehicle. No injuries were reported, and no citations were issued at the time of the accident.

On July 14, Pamela Corley Davis got out of her vehicle and did not put it in park. The vehicle rolled and hit

Reliford Igles' vehicle. After Davis' vehicle rolled past Igles' vehicle, it hit the vacant building. Davis was found to be at fault for the accident.

On July 16, Ronald R. Martin was traveling north on Crawford Street, Percy A. Phillips was south bound on Crawford Street and attempted to negotiate a turn onto Bremond Street. Phillips struck Martin's vehicle.

Public Drunk

On July 15th, Willie Zack Stevenson was charged with public drunk.

On July 18\, Kristen Vanbibber was placed under arrest for public intoxication.


On July 15, Robert Ogletree Jr. advised that he had a 1200 watt amp stolen out of his truck.

Theft by Taking

On July 18, Kangaroo Gas Station reported a gas drive off.

Disorderly Conduct

On July 18, Charles Edward Clemons Jr. came into the Moby Dick, causing a disturbance about his check and money that was owed to him. Clemons was asked to leave but refused to do so, and made the statement that he would get his money one way or the other. Clemons was later placed under arrest.

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