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Chloe's doing good

by Carla Foster

Chloe can still eat corn-on-the-cob. Chloe can still eat corn-on-the-cob. Anyone who has been following Chloe Shiver's journey in her battle to win the fight against cancer knows it has been a long, tough three years. Chloe is now six years old and has known nothing but this battle for half of her life. Chloe began her fight in May 2006, when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Since then, she has spent many many days in the hospital, beginning in Atlanta at Egelston Children's Hospital where she underwent chemotherapy, surgery to remove the cancerous tumor, two stem cell transplants and gall bladder removal.

After all of that, there were still a few spots that were resistant to the chemotherapy, and her doctors in Atlanta referred her to the Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center in New York where she has been undergoing the experimental 3F8 antibody treatment with great success. The spots are still there, but the last scans showed that they are at best "faint" spots, and they could very well just be scar tissue. However, she continues to go to New York every three weeks for treatments that last a week each. Her mom, Amy, and her three-year-old brother, Aidan, accompany her to New York, and sometimes a grandparent makes the trip as well. With her dad, Kevin, having to maintain his job as a registered nurse at St. Francis in Columbus, and caring for her other brother, Seth, and sister, Carly, it is hard for him to make the trip, but he does so occasionally to give Amy and Aidan a much needed break.

Chloe's doing good Chloe's doing good Her latest trip to New York was for the harvesting of her baby stem cells to have on hold in case of relapse. Chloe endures lots of pain during and immediately after the 3F8 treatment for several hours, having to sleep off the relief drugs and start all over the next day. Her weight remains between 30 and 34 pounds.

Throughout her journey, Chloe's strength and enthusiasm is a joy to see and certainly amazes everyone around her. When not undergoing treatment, she enjoys spending time in New York eating at the Blue Moon, where the staff always prepares her "usual" meal when she comes in. It has been a blessing that Chloe and her family are able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House and do not have the expense of a hotel during their stay. However, airfare to and from New York every three weeks is expensive, and so many have been willing to donate their air miles to help out, but there is still an outstanding financial burden for this family to have to undertake on their own now that Chloe's lifetime maximum health care benefit of one million dollars has been met and exceeded.

In the past weeks Chloe's local family has, and will be having fund-raisers to help with the frequent air travel and other expenses. Last Saturday, July 18, a "Cool- Aid, Cakes & Cookies for Chloe" booth was held in Donalsonville. Chloe's cousin, Carla, challenged her sons, Jacob, age 11, and Nicholas, age eight, to perform an outreach during their summer break for someone in need in their community. Since there was a need in their immediate family, Jacob and Nicholas wanted to do something to help Chloe. They did well! There were no set price son the treats, only donations were accepted. The boys took in over $1100.00 for Chloe's many expenses.

If you were unable to make it by the booth last Saturday, please consider donating to the Chloe Shiver Fund at Ameris Bank.

Nina, Chloe and all are still in awe at the love, compassion and generosity that continues to be shown to Chloe and her family. "May God's blessings and mercy be on each of you that has helped and continue to help this family in any way. Keep praying for Chloe and her family as God continues to strengthen her daily," said grandmother Nina Shiver.

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