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News Around Us

Blakely - Authorities are looking for a suspect who held a Quick Buys cashier at gunpoint Sunday night about 10 p.m. while taking an undisclosed amount of the store's money from the cash register.

The gunman, wielding a semi-automatic pistol, fled the store, located at the intersection of South Main and South Boulevard, running east on South Boulevard.

The gunman was wearing light colored blue jeans and what appeared to be a red pullover. His face was covered with a black bandana with a hood over the head.

Investigator are following several leads, but no arrests have been made.

Cairo - The Georgia Board of Education has backed the Grady County Board of Education in its nonrenewal of the employment contract of a former veteran school system employee.

Superintendent Dr. Tommy Pharis learned Monday that the state board upheld the local board's decision not to renew the contract of former Washington Middle School Assistant Principal Elizabeth Heinlen.

Ms. Heinlen was an employee of the local school system since 1977, and most recently served as the WMS assistant principal.

In Heinlen's hearing before the county school board, evidence was presented that shows cuts in state funding being passed down, as well as a steady drop in enrollment.

Heinlen's attorney, Howard J. Stiller of Albany, claimed the county board's decision not to renew her contract violated the Federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act. However, according to the appeal decision, the state board has no jurisdiction in ADEA claims, and Heinlen presented no evidence that the procedures required in making an ADEA claim had been followed.

Stiller, on Heinlen's behalf, had attempted to make the case that the county school board's reduction in force policy was discriminatory because all individuals whose contracts were not renewed were over the age of 40.

Camilla - Camilla Police Department in coordination with Pelham Police Department took down a 23-year-old Camilla man in possession of drugs.

Following a lead from a citizen, Camilla Police Department Investigator Bill Hunter initiated a search of Darell Taylor's car at a gas station in Camilla. During the search on July 9, investigators discovered and seized marijuana and ecstasy pills.

Ecstasy pills come in a tablet form. Users sometimes take ecstasy at "raves," clubs, and other parties to keep on dancing and for mood enhancement.

Darell Taylor was charged with driving while unlicensed, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, and possession of ecstasy.

Donalsonville - Mrs. Jonnie Temples awoke early the morning of Tuesday, July 14, and realized that her husband, Jerry, had not come home the night before. Jerry had told his wife earlier in the evening on Monday that he was planning to go over to the home of a friend who had a death in the family.

Jonnie went to bed assuming that Jerry was at the home of the friend.

Jonnie found the body of her husband out on the family farm in the early hours Tuesday morning and summoned help.

Coroner Terry Batchelor was joined at the scene on Cunningham Road by Deputy Carl Scott, Donalsonville Fire Department and the county EMS. Batchelor has requested an autopsy.

Cuthbert - Turmoil surrounding the Randolph County Board of Education has led to more issues for the board. The Southern Association for Colleges and Schools (SACS) has placed Randolph County Schools on probation.

Superintendent Bobby Jenkins has received a letter of notification last week stating that Randolph County School System was on SACS probation.

With board members divided into two groups because of lawsuits and an unwillingness to get along, the Randolph County Board of Education is attempting to come together to assure the opening of Randolph-Clay High School on time.

The board, which is made up of five members, has been divided into two groups which struggle to work together.

Both groups have made decisions regarding the school in their own groups.

The Randolph County School Board has many issues to work out, including the approval of the 2010 school budget before school starts.

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